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 A look at what’s on offer with those off-road trips to the mountain.

 A look at what’s on offer with those off-road trips to the mountain.

Sooner or later, you’ve got to move. You can’t stay by the pool forever! And when the jet lag has gone, you’ve browned up a bit, and it’s time to explore, there’s quite a bit to pick through. In fact, it can get confusing – particularly if you try this on the internet. The biggest problem with the ’net is that there’s no indexing or regulation – you could be looking at stuff posted five years ago which is no longer current. Anyway, you’ll probably do what 95% of our visitors do; pop down to reception and ask what have they got. Which is no bad thing at all.


But first of all, a word of warning. This is Thailand. It’s not part of some kind of strictly regulated and monitored Euro-system, with tight laws and inspectors and internationally agreed standards and quality control. It’s a very free and easy-going nation – and that’s its joy. But it also means that you might well come across aspects of life here that will surprise your more sophisticated expectations. Many things, which are quite normal in daily Thai life, can take unwary travellers by surprise. For example, the attitude to working animals may not quite match what you’re accustomed to. You are inside an alien culture, so be prepared for this.

Essential Etiquette
 Dos and don’ts in Thailand.


You’re on holiday in a hot tropical country, and not just any country. This is Thailand, one of the world’s most exotic destinations. If at times certain places seem hyper-modern and western, everything here is underpinned by centuries’ old traditions. Things are just not going to be like in the country you’re from, and to get the best out of your time in Thailand, it really pays to master the etiquette that goes with being here. Here’s a brief lowdown on what’s done and not done here in the kingdom.


Respect the Thai Monarchy The King is the head of state and is treated by one and all with the greatest of respect. Everywhere you go you’ll see pictures of not only the current king, His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn but also his late father, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. You’ll also see pictures showing other members of the Royal Family. Discussion about anything to do with royalty is discouraged and you should be aware of causing offence if you don’t show respect in this matter. If you go to the cinema, you’re expected to stand during the national anthem. And when you hear it while outdoors, you should stand still and listen until it’s over. Any symbol or picture showing the Royal Family should also be accorded respect, as should be the flag of Thailand. Do not show disrespect in any form – and that extends to what you post on the internet.


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