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Perched above the sea, romantic Dr Frogs Bar & Grill brings tastes to new heights.

98-1If you’ve never heard of it before, Dr Frogs Bar & Grill might sound like some outlandish theme restaurant. It’s actually quite the opposite – it’s a totally professional Italian restaurant, exactly the kind you might find in Italy itself, all elegance and homely charm, along with great food and drink. The fact that it’s dramatically overlooks the entire bay of Chaweng only adds to its appeal. Look out over the amazing views and you can’t help but think that this is what holidays are all about.


All this is immediately visible as soon as you’ve parked up and stepped inside Dr Frogs. The great food comes once you’ve browsed the menu (but note that Dr Frogs is equally good when it comes to Thai food, too, and carries a full selection). What you don’t see is the sheer dedication and expertise that underpin the restaurant.


Wherever possible, fresh, top-quality local ingredients are used, along with fish from local waters. The management is determined to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. Even the most basic procedures are carefully thought out. For example, everything’s cut and cleaned in the restaurant; there’s as little wastage as possible.

Come and join the party at The Palms Bar & Grill for music and more.

Come and join the party at The Palms Bar & Grill for music and more.Enter an ever-evolving space offering live music, food and drink, plus a high-octane atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what night you decide to come here, it’s bound to be good. This is the world of The Palms Bar & Grill. Behind the innocuous-sounding name, is one of Samui’s foremost entertainment venues. Here the music isn’t just an after-thought; it’s the main reason for coming. It’ll definitely put a glow on your face.


The said glow starts when you’re outside Palms; an entire wall lights up with changing colours. You know you’ve arrived. It stands at the exact corner of Chaweng’s beach road and the restless Soi Green Mango. The epicentre of the island’s nightlife, in other words.


Some live music acts can get a bit samey, and you feel as you step in the door that the entire evening is guessable in advance. Palms is different. It offers vibrancy with different bands every night of the week. It opens every night from 6:00 pm until 3:00 am, and bands play nightly from 9:30 pm with DJs performing both before and afterwards. Saturday Night Live is a bit different; come for two top bands, the first starting at 8:00 pm, the second at 11:00 pm. On occasions throughout the year, there are also live international DJs playing.

What to do on Samui when it’s too hot to go outside.

What to do on Samui when it’s too hot to go outside.Samui can simply be too hot. Overhead white clouds boil and look like they’re made of steam. The beaches are incandescent and the sand too hot to walk on. Even when evening finally comes there’s no respite; the night actually seems hotter than the day.


What to do? You could just stay in your hotel room, listlessly cooled by fans and air-con or dare to venture out, sun hat pulled down. Even if Samui isn’t like Bangkok with ice-skating rinks, museums and vast, chilled malls, you will quickly find that there is plenty to occupy yourself while on holiday without worrying about the heat. Let’s take a look at some of the activities that’ll keep you out of the sun.


Getting a massage is the most obvious activity to indulge in. Not a beach massage, but one that’s in a spa, away from the sun. Some spas are even windowless, definitely no blinding sun coming in. Pure bliss if you’re intent on getting some relaxation. All spas will be cooled, allowing you to escape from the heat, and offer not just individual treatments but entire packages where you can indulge in up to five hours of kneading, bathing and rejuvenating.


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