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Excitement is in the air, at Silavadee Pool Spa Resort.

Excitement is in the air, at Silavadee Pool Spa Resort.Silavadee Pool Spa Resort is renowned as a luxurious hideaway, with its own unique style and a ‘back to nature’ concept. Set amongst tropical vegetation on a hillside running down to the ocean, it’s an idyllic and tranquil jewel of a place. On arrival, you immediately escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and feel pampered by the attentive and exclusive service.


With a total of 80 rooms, pool villas and pool villa suites, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and be embraced by nature. In the villas, enjoy your own private infinity-edge pool and aqua jet massage bed to stimulate and invigorate the entire body - the perfect way to start your holiday or relaxing break.


First opened in May 2008, Silavadee will be celebrating its 11-year anniversary this month and they have some surprises in store. Along with a complete renovation of all bathrooms in the deluxe rooms, which now combine sleek white marble with warm wood elements, Silavadee also introduces a new logo, and several other changes to keep them in the limelight as one of the most private and prestigious hideaway resorts on the island.


A new ‘healthy-eating’ culinary concept has been introduced for its Sun Lounge. Inspired by the local surroundings and current trends, they have been busy preparing an on-site organic garden and are growing some of their own fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. This farm-to-table approach will be paired with a raw juice selection, organic wines and other organic beverages, making Sun Lounge the ideal spot to rest, relax, refresh and refuel all day long.

Up in Samui’s hills, the Magic Garden is a place where myths have literally become rock-solid.

Up in Samui’s hills, the Magic Garden is a place where myths have literally become rock-solid.Have you ever been to Iceland? It’s very common there for people to believe in elves; many people say they’ve seen them. In one case, a new road that was being built had to make a small detour because local residents were worried that elves lived at that spot and shouldn’t be disturbed by traffic. So the road was duly re-routed to keep the locals, both people and elves, content. To hear such things might cause some people to raise their eyebrows in mirth. But for every sceptic there’ll be a dozen or more people who believe in the mythical world. In the case of Thailand, it’s the majority of the country.


Once you’ve arrived here, you’ll see that most people really do believe in spirits and other-worldly beings; just look at the spirit houses that you see everywhere. Even as Thailand rushes forward to embrace the modern world, it still equally embraces the unseen one. Legend and myth are still crucial to the country and its people, and it’s up to the individual to decide exactly how real that unseen world is.


On Samui, retired farmer Ta Nim, decided that the myths and legends of his country deserved to be portrayed as realistically as possible. Books and films described them, so why not entire landscapes? He had a plot of land up in the mountains, and spent the last years of his life seeking to create a wilderness garden filled with carvings from the Ramakhian, the cycle of legends that’s based on the Ramayana. An entire mountain valley has been given over to mythical beings. You don’t need to simply imagine that they’re there; you can go see them and touch them. The experience is a mysterious one and is completely different from anything you may have so far seen on Samui. The sculpture-filled valley is generally known as the Magic Garden, but you’ll also hear it referred to as Heaven’s Garden.


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