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Making A Night Of It

1Samui gives limitless options for night time entertainment; wherever you are.

Everyone’s idea of a good night out is different. And your reasons for being on Samui will also affect the way you spend your evenings. For instance, those that are visiting here short-term will probably have been saving up all year for their stay on the island. Chances are they’ll be eating out every night and looking to experience the nightlife on offer whilst they can. However, if you live here, or have an extended stay, the pattern of how you spend your nights may change focus completely.

            Fortunately, whatever your preferences are for the perfect night out, Samui can definitely deliver. In the past the nightlife specifically targeted tourists and therefore it’s no surprise that it was concentrated around the busiest and biggest resort areas of Chaweng and Lamai.

However, Samui’s development into a sophisticated worldwide destination has resulted in a different approach to nightlife. Chaweng and Lamai have grown up and become areas with a fine selection of shops, restaurants and bars. New high-end resorts and top-quality hotels are emerging all the time and, as a result, the atmosphere at night has altered accordingly. They’re still great places to let your hair down and party until the early hours. But it’s now a matter of personal choice. You could just as easily go out for a nice meal and then comfortably stroll around the shops or quieter bars.

On the whole, fine-dining restaurants are replacing many of the older tattier ones and the bars are starting to look more enticing for those wanting clean, stylish and fashionable surroundings.

In 2008, Samui is far more than just these two resorts. Over the years the island’s growing reputation has seen it completely transform and it now stands proudly as one of the world’s finest high-end destinations. Samui now has different levels of nightlife that cater for the most private individuals, all the way through to the most hedonistic.

The biggest emerging nightlife scene on Samui is one that’s far more sophisticated than many would imagine. QBar, The Art Palace, Bar Solo, Pangea, Padma, Pod Bar, The Cliff, Dr Frogs, Mint Bar and the recently opened Ice Bar are just a very few examples of the trendier places to be seen in around the island. All of these mix fashionable surroundings with good music and an ambience that attracts people who enjoy a more up-market approach to nightlife; without compromising on the fun or enjoyment. Many also combine fine-dining experiences with cozy ambient bar spaces to provide the complete night out. Such venues are as much for the resident population as the tourists.

As an alternative resort area, Fisherman’s Village in Bo Phut offers a more cosmopolitan atmosphere than either Chaweng or Lamai, with a host of relaxed Mediterranean-style restaurants and a more subtle nightlife scene. Intimate bars and restaurants offer chic and relaxing settings to spend the nights, whilst livelier bars often provide live entertainment to give you options. The narrow main street, friendly atmosphere and variety of restaurants and bars make Fisherman’s Village a very attractive night-time venue.

Maenam is also becoming increasingly popular with a good choice of bars and restaurants. Bang Rak is very lively, and again has a good cross-section of entertainment venues. Choeng Mon is following suit with a number of different places to choose from and Bang Po is another location where the nightlife is benefiting from many new resort complexes and residential developments that are appearing; as is Ban Makham and other areas near Nathon.

As the popularity of the island has grown, the number of popular Samui destinations has also increased and become more widespread. Places such as Ban Taling Nam, Thong Krut, Lipa Noi, Laem Set and Hua Thanon all attract larger numbers of tourists. And these southern areas are also the location of many of the island’s most exclusive and expensive residential homes.

World renowned international hotel brands are arriving and opening up in every area, with them come more high quality bars and restaurants. In fact, any trip around any part of the ring-road will highlight new bars and restaurants opening to cope with, not just with the demand in numbers, but also the differing tastes. The nightlife scene is therefore spreading to give people living or staying in all areas some viable options and alternatives to making the trip into bigger resort areas.

Nathon, Samui’s main town and where the car-ferry piers are located, is the administrative capital of the island. And, yet, it has always closed down at night-time. Things are changing; more places are staying open later and new restaurants are available. It’s just a matter of time before the more sophisticated scene makes its mark on the town. With so many new hotels, resorts and residential developments in this part of the island it’s inevitable, especially when the trend seems to be that hotels and homes built in the quieter areas are amongst the most expensive. Local options have to be made available for residents and tourists that stay in every area of the island.

Samui’s night-time entertainment is clearly no longer restricted to just Chaweng and Lamai; you can now go almost anywhere on the island and find a restaurant or bar that’s suitable to your personal tastes and your individual ideas of what contributes to the perfect night out.

One consistency you’ll find is that the night-time ambience on Samui is as relaxed, comfortable and safe as you’ll experience anywhere in the world. Common sense prevails but on the whole the island is an exceptionally safe place to shake off the stresses of everyday life and have fantastic fun-filled evenings out; whether you choose to spend your nights sitting peacefully on the beach under the stars; sipping cocktails in a trendy bar; singing along to a live band; or dancing the night away in the middle of a heaving nightclub.

Samui’s success as a destination depends upon offering a wide range of choices in all areas, to suit people’s tastes, budgets and circumstances. And the nightlife on the island is one area that does exactly that.


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