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Beautiful scenery and inspired food make Dr Frogs Bar & Grill a must-visit venue.

Beautiful scenery and inspired food make Dr Frogs Bar & Grill a must-visit venue.Parts of Samui are so beautiful that they seem to have stepped out of a movie, and some of the restaurants on Samui are quite delightful when it comes to their vistas. When you walk into Dr Frogs, you find yourself perched high above a rocky coastline, and you’ll be able to look all the way along the bay of Chaweng towards the north of the island. Take a seat anywhere in the restaurant and you can enjoy some spectacular sights. Be sure however to reserve your seat if you’d like to sit at the superb terrace here, directly overlooking the water.


Dr Frogs attracts many couples, but it’s equally popular with families and groups of friends, too. People come for many reasons, but one thing that unites them all is the great setting. But not just that. There’s the food too. And that’s as good as the view. You can feast on genuine Italian food thanks to the maestro at the helm, Massimo Mariani. He’s a first-class chef, trained in Italy, who has been on the island for 14 years. Diners take great delight in his fare; it’s dependably good and Dr Frogs has many repeat customers.


Asked about his style he says, “It’s classic Italian – but with some modern takes, including the presentation. I like to use garnishes from back home. The food’s the type that I grew up with.” Massimo hails from Milan and some of his dishes are from the same region. For example, he loves making various risottos, such as risotto with saffron, porcini mushrooms or truffles. They’re all highly recommended.Beautiful scenery and inspired food make Dr Frogs Bar & Grill a must-visit venue.


He works in tandem with Simone Marchiori, who’s the restaurant manager here. They both grew up in the same area, and have known each other for many years, so together they’re able to provide their diners with a wonderful experience. Nothing’s too much trouble, and you can approach them directly with your requests. Part of the pleasure of coming to Dr Frogs is the friendly staff and their helpful attitude; they’ll do their utmost to make you feel at home. The restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere, and though it has a tropical setting, it seems anchored in Italy - warm and bright and convivial.


Getting to Dr Frogs is easy. The ring-road winds its way up right past its doors; drive from Chaweng towards Lamai and you’ll see the sign for the restaurant just before the well-known viewpoint here. There’s a handy car park right outside the restaurant itself. Opening hours are daily from 7:00 am until midnight, with the kitchen closing at 11:00 pm.


The day starts at Dr Frogs with breakfasts that are available until 11:00 am. These aren’t any old breakfasts; instead you’ll find a whole array of gourmet options, allowing you to savour dishes such as smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Especially recommended is the Dr Frogs breakfast: poached eggs with asparagus, olives, feta, rocket, polenta and toast. You can naturally have a very tasty English or American breakfast. And you can even make up your own. And while you eat, you can enjoy a laid-back espresso, latte, cappuccino, tea, infusion or fruit juice.


Something that Dr Frogs offers which is hard-to-find elsewhere is the free use of a swimming pool. The restaurant is part of the Boujis resort right next door, and you’re welcome to swim here or just relax in the loungers. There’s even a special poolside menu, along with a selection of healthy drinks. It’s an ideal way to pass long tropical mornings or afternoons, and if you’re bringing your children, they’re sure to enjoy themselves, too.Beautiful scenery and inspired food make Dr Frogs Bar & Grill a must-visit venue. “We naturally have a children’s menu,” says Massimo. “We’re always aware what families would like to eat. And they can be sure of a warm welcome, too, when they come here.”


Sunsets are spectacular here, and many people like to enjoy a cocktail or two while they watch the onset of evening. Stay for dinner and you’ll be able to feast on delights where virtually everything’s been made from scratch by Massimo and his team. All the classical Italian dishes are here, and there’s risotto, home-made gnocchi and pasta and thin-crust pizzas. This is just the tip of a culinary iceberg. Dr Frogs also specializes in French oysters, New Zealand mussels and when it comes to meat, you’ll find top-grade Australian beef and tender lamb. You can see the entire menu on their website.


Says Massimo, “We also have five or six specials every day – and yes, they’re entirely fresh. It’s definitely not a question of cunningly using up leftovers. They’re specials because they’re dependent on what we can find at the market that day. We have a lot of seafood specials – it’s all to do with what the fishing fleets have brought back from the sea.”


Dr Frogs is a great place for Thai food, too. There’s plenty to choose from, and thanks to having their own Thai chef, you’ll find that tastes are authentic. The dishes on offer are well-known throughout Thailand and abroad, too. You’ll find items such as curries, soups, stir-fries as well as spicy salads and a range of appetizers.


Dr Frogs has wine to go with your food; there now an incredible 94 of them from both the new and old worlds, with choices to suit every budget. Naturally you can order house wines by the glass. If you’re unsure what’s best to match with your choice of food, then Massimo or Simone will be on hand to help you. Incidentally Dr Frogs now has a separate healthy drinks menu, Beautiful scenery and inspired food make Dr Frogs Bar & Grill a must-visit venue.with not just non-alcoholic drinks but ones that promote your overall wellbeing too. They’re reliant on fresh fruit and yummy additions that will bring a glow to your day.


There’s live music too. From 7:30 pm onwards, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can enjoy the talented acoustic guitar player and singer, Oliver Jones. This is music that beautifully dovetails with the setting and complements the evening atmosphere.


Dr Frogs has also made a name for itself for organizing events, such as birthdays, corporate gatherings and wedding receptions. The restaurant can easily cater for up to a hundred guests at a time. You can even get married here; weddings are held on the beach at Boujis Boutique Resort in a totally private setting. The local registrar is able to come and formally marry you following a bespoke ceremony. What could be more romantic?


Dr Frogs certainly lives up to expectations. The food’s wonderful, whether its Italian or Thai that you choose, while the panoramic hillside location makes lunch or dinner here a beautiful occasion. Sit back and enjoy the filmic views whilst a top-notch Italian chef cooks for you and your dining companions.


 Dimitri Waring


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