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Dress for unique, long lasting style, comfort and concern for our environment, at Psylo fashion stores.

Luxury takes on new forms at Khwan Beach Resort Boutique & Gallery Pool Villas.Ethical and environmentally friendly, each piece of men’s, women’s or children’s wear is a timeless work of art and self-expression, created in the ever developing Psylo style. Infused within each design is a strong essence of ethnicity from different cultures, with hints of independent, bold, edgy, rebel and punk.


Located in the midst of a rice field in Bali, Indonesia, with nothing but tropical greenery as far as the eye can see, with an organic garden and pond on the premises where staff can grow fruit and vegetables and fish in their lunch breaks, is Psylo’s own design studio and workshop. This is a perfect location, where the imagination can run wild and truly liberate creative processes, where clothes can not only be dreamed of, but designed and tailored.


In line with their ‘green’ credentials, even the dyes used contain no chemicals and are water based. When the process is complete, the waste water is then passed through filtering systems before going into the sewage system, decreasing the imprint left behind on our increasingly fragile planet.


Any fabric off-cuts and waste is upcycled by using them in ‘Pecoa’ style garments; a patchwork design created from leftover pieces of fabric. Smaller shreds of fabric that cannot be used are sent to a local manufacturer that produces household necessities.


It is important to Psylo to maintain a healthy and happy working environment in which to produce their clothing. All staff are well paid and supported within a working community. They pour their energy, commitment and love into each and every piece of clothing. 


You can see it in the care and attention to detail, and feel it in the energy and vibrations that the clothes emit.


The Psylo style is constantly growing and evolving, learning from worldwide cultural differences, and creating designs that free spirited people will hopefully appreciate. Each season they create a new collection around a theme, which is thoughtfully chosen based on an inspiration. 


From there they combine it with diverse cultural elements and craft it incorporating their signature edgy, rough, and occasionally unfinished cuts.


The shops themselves are a masterpiece of art, with natural wood and metals incorporated throughout, extending the clothing designs into the environment and creating the mood. These are clothes that suit all ages and all types of people. Investigate the designs, prints and motifs, these are clothes that are designed to be worn and give a statement. But at the same time they feel amazingly comfortable to wear. You can mix and match with a full range of leather belts, bags,Page46-4

wristbands, boots and shoes. Psylo is an international brand with flagship stores in Bali, London, Mexico and Samui. You will find clothes to wear on Samui right now, but you can also find unique and individual items that are perfect to wear anywhere in the world at any time of the year.


And don’t expect your purchases to be enclosed in a plastic bag! Only recycled paper bags are used, or you can buy an organic and reusable cotton bag for only 150 baht, all of which goes to a chosen charity.


There are currently two Psylo fashion shores on Samui, both conveniently located in central Chaweng. The main store is found on the Chaweng Beach Road, just a short stroll north of Starbucks. The other is located inside Central Festival on the ground floor. Be sure to watch the videos playing in both stores. In between showing off the clothes, they show the design studio and workshop in Bali, highlighting the ongoing cutting, sewing, appliquéing and screen printing in progress by their happy and relaxed staff.


Every Psylo item of clothing is so much more than fabric stitched together to meet the demand of trendsetters. It is the result of a deeply-thought process of alchemy; combining ancient and contemporary art, sacred symbolism, cultural history, nature and a wee bit of magic.


The human race should be evolving, striving for a life of awareness, believing in a better future for all and trying to take the utmost care of our fragile environment and all lives around us. Psylo delivers this passionately through the medium of fashion, with its ultra-comfortable, wearable and edgy designs.


 Karan Ladd


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