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Life rushes by and all the world is mad – until you discover another world at Tamarind Springs.

Life rushes by and all the world is mad – until you discover another world at Tamarind Springs.You know how you feel when you first come to Samui? Yesterday’s struggle to the airport, the wait, the long-haul flight, killing time in the sweat of Bangkok, the Samui flight and then, finally, at last checking into your resort. That feeling when you flop out by the pool? It’s joyous, isn’t it? The peace, the quiet, the relaxation? But, then, that’s normal for Samui. We’re a lazy, laid-back, lovely little island.


So here you are – totally relaxed, strolling dreamily around – a million miles from the rat race and the hassles of work. You’ve rented a scooter or a little jeep and have had a day or so just drifting around. Taking in the sights. Getting the feel of this placid little place. Stopping when you want to. Just taking it slow and easy, going here and there. It’s all so quiet. So relaxing. And then you turn into the drive at Tamarind Springs. You follow the gravel path down between the greenery and the blooms. It opens out into a parking space. And you get out of your car.


And the first thing that hits you is the calm. The silence. But not quite – there’s faint birdsong. The murmur of water. Just a hint of rustling: bamboo in the gentlest of breezes. It sweeps over you in an uplifting moment of elation – and you suddenly know that this place makes the rest of Samui feel like a rat race. Here, it is truly, totally tranquil. You thought things were placid before. But you’ve somehow just dropped through and into a whole different layer, like you’ve hit another dimension. A deeper layer of peace.


I mean it. I’m not just making it up for the sake of the story! This place is special. Maybe it’s underground ley lines, or that the huge outcrops of rock focus some king of natural energy. Some kind of flux in the earth’s field. Or perhaps it’s connected with the people here. I don’t know about these things. I just write stories. But you can sense it right away. Everyone does – in one way or another.Life rushes by and all the world is mad – until you discover another world at Tamarind Springs.


This is important. Because there are a hundred spas on Samui. Some are little roadside shops with girls that have trained just 10 hours for a ‘degree’. Others have more purpose, and specialists with substance. A few, of note, are truly spiritual. But I can’t think of one, anywhere, that feels anything like this. And that’s before you’ve even walked around inside. Other stories that I’ve read about Tamarind Springs really don’t do it justice – they just fill a page with unfeeling notes on the scenery, and lists of the spa programs. But the real essence of this place is all about the spirit, not the listings. And the only way to understand what I mean is to go there yourself.


And, jumping in quickly – the staff here are the real thing, too. No 10- hour certificates. Mature, experienced, highly trained and time-served. Sensitive and attuned to you, your body and its needs. Several of them have also trained abroad, after their initial apprenticeship. All of them have been trained here, in-house by certified instructors – and more of than in a moment. Even the reception staff have been carefully selected; their English is good and their level of service is very high. As well as experiencing that sudden feeling of dimension-shifting, and the tranquillity of Tamarind Springs, you’ll also discover the same level of attentive care that you’ll get in 5-star hotels, anywhere in the world.


Tamarind Springs is essentially a day spa, offering a whole range of programs and treatments that range from pampering, through to rejuvenation, onto remedial applications and extending, very quietly, into the esoteric realms of alternative therapies. It’s not an aspect that this spa states in its aims and objectives. It’s not ‘New Age’ or ‘Progressive’. But you’ll find that all the staff here are trained and qualified in principles and practices, or else are at least aware of the underlying philosophy. Take, for an example, the Hot and Cold Stone massage. After two hours of this you will, literally,Life rushes by and all the world is mad – until you discover another world at Tamarind Springs. be floating on air as you drift to the steam room. And for the next few days you’ll be relaxed, uplifted and optimistic, but without really knowing why.


One particular component that’s unique to this spa is the two ‘Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatments’ which are sitting very quietly, almost hidden in-amongst the rest of the program. This thinking stems from a lymphatic drainage technique created by the Austrian, Dr Emil Vodder. It’s a slow and gentle stroking therapy – no sense of pressure or pain – which only concentrates on the body’s lymphatic system, balancing its congestion and effectively re-organising the lymphatic flow to be oneway, and at its optimum. And at Tamarind Springs these specialist staff have been personally trained by Heimo Rieger, who for many years worked in Austria with Dr Vodder himself.


“This therapy is unique,” Khun Ben (Kanyapha Kitjapirak), the spa’s director, explained. “It addresses the body’s lymphatic system and makes very subtle adjustments to it. Unlike most other forms of massage, there is no pressure on the muscles or joints – often people say they are not feeling anything. But the effects are sometimes dramatic. Even something as simple as swollen ankles from a long international flight, which can last for days and be quite painful, will disappear overnight. In pregnancy, the swelling and the water retention, both pre and post-natal, will be reduced. And if you are thinking about a serious detox program, with all the colonics and the hosepipes, come here! This treatment will help you.”


And then she went onto explain that there are different treatments for differing parts of the body; the face and the head, arms and legs, and the stomach – the latter of which is directly related to the mechanics of fasting and cleansing. And also that this treatment isn’t radical; it’s gentlypersistent in nature and ongoing, in order to maintain and continue the benefit.


There are so many spas on Samui. But, just like restaurants, you have to find the best one for you. You can try this one here and then another there. But when you try Tamarind Springs then, be assured, you’ll drop into a whole new dimension!


 Rob De Wet


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