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Five reasons to choose Sheraton Samui Resort.

Five reasons to choose Sheraton Samui Resort.When it comes to tropical holidays, everyone has an idea of what they want. There’ll be a beautiful blue sea backed by coconut trees, lush green vegetation, plenty of sun and, of course, a gorgeous place to stay. It’s a vision that’s long since become part of the psyche for most of us, a kind of holiday archetype, languid, sun-drenched, and filled with relaxation and fun. It seems as if it’d be a simple matter to build a hotel that embodies that dream. But only very astute hoteliers actually get it right, and create a venue that meets all our expectations.


Sheraton has a blueprint for the hotels they’re famed for building; they know exactly what makes a wonderful vacation. One of their main aims is to create properties where everything needed is right at hand, easy to access and convenient to use. In Thailand, the properties then have to dovetail with those tropical dreams we all have. The results are bound to please.


On Samui, they have a resort that’s extremely sought after; it draws in many newcomers, returning guests, and plenty of people who visit for the superb dining. To say it has a lot going for it is a bit of an understatement.


Guests could probably suggest many more, but here are the top five reasons to choose Sheraton Samui Resort.



The Location
Sheraton Samui is incredibly well-situated. It’s near the southern end of Chaweng Noi, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds: the peacefulness of a serene cove, alongside the easy, almost instant access to central Chaweng. You can be dozing in the early evening hush that descends on the area, and then in the space of ten minutes be right in the heart of all the action. The resort is also very close to the airport, but equally, it’s a good stepping-off point for any expedition around the island.Five reasons to choose Sheraton Samui Resort.


The Beach
Chaweng Yai is Samui’s favourite beach, and has an endlessly long stretch of fine, powdery sands. The Sheraton is right at the southern end of Chaweng Noi, and is separated from the main beach by a rocky headland. This means it’s harder for the general public to access, and is therefore much quieter, with a more exclusive feel to it. Some residents who’ve lived on the island for decades have yet to visit the beach. If you’re staying at Sheraton Samui, then it’ll fast become one of your favourite spots.


Family Friendly

Sheraton Samui Resort is an extremely friendly place, no matter what age you are. However, if you’re a child, you’ll particularly love this resort as there’s so much to do. There’s even a beachfront kid’s club, and it’s a lot more than a room filled with coloured balls and giant stuffed rabbits. At Starkid Kid’s Club, you can enjoy a generously large space with both indoor and outdoor areas. Go on your own adventure, run along wooden walkways, get soaked as a giant barrel empties its contents over you, play in a safe place... but that’s not all. There are lots and lots of activities. These vary daily, but there’s a full range including batik painting, beach football, weaving coconut palm leaves, kite making, movies, and the popular and entertaining treasure hunt, where adventurous kids can explore the resort collecting stamps on a map.


Inspirational Dining

Breakfast at Sheraton is a leisurely and mouth-watering buffet, which you can explore day after day and still have plenty to choose from. And when it comes to lunch or dinner, then you’re spoiled again, whether you’re a guest or have stepped in from outside. The main restaurant, Long Talay, has a relaxed charm all of its own, where you can simply ease back in an elegant dining room, open to the air and all the sea breezes, or enjoy sitting on the outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean just a few metres away. Whether you’re hankering for International or Thai favourites, you’ll find a whole range of both here. Enjoy a diversity that features lamb cutlets, nasi goreng, fish and chips; or try their signature dish, Khao Soi. Five reasons to choose Sheraton Samui Resort.It’s one of Thailand’s most famous dishes, half way between a curry and a soup and features tilapia fish with a blend of exotic spices and herbs. Long-beloved of gourmet chefs around Thailand, this dish is quite hard to find outside its native north. But here it’s made to perfection by a chef from Chiang Mai.


Beachfront Bar

For a many of us, no tropical holiday would be quite complete unless there’s a great beach bar to hand. And at Sheraton there definitely is. Head for the memorably named Blue Monkey, take a seat and you’ll be able to enjoy the beachside ambience at its best. The bar serves all manner of drinks: beers, wines, cocktails and long drinks. But what makes it even more outstanding is that you can also dine here. Sheraton has a global food and beverage programme, and at Blue Monkey you can experience it with ‘Paired’, a select menu of snacks that’s brought together with wines or craft beers. You can try unique combinations such as Fisherman’s Prawn Satay on roti with peanut dipping sauce paired with either Penfolds Koonunga Hill (Chardonnay) or 8 Wired, Semiconductor or American IPA (craft beers).


There are plenty of further draws when it comes to a dream holiday on Koh Samui. You can relax at Sheraton Samui’s two large swimming pools, stay fit with a workout at the gym, enjoy a game of tennis, or treat yourself to a pampering massage at Glow Spa. Guest rooms and suites all guarantee maximum comfort and each features Sheraton’s specially designed beds, so as to give you an even better sleep. You’ll find a fullyequipped bathroom with separate shower and tub, a 42-inch LCD TV and, of course, your own private balcony, ideal for admiring the sea views. Spend just a little time at the resort and you’ll find yourself enjoying the Sheraton lifestyle.




After all, there are plenty of reasons to stay at this hotel and all of them are valid ones. Everything has been thoroughly considered in order to make it a real pleasure to be here; no matter if you’re on holiday or have just stepped in for a meal. Try it for yourself.


 Dimitri Waring


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