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Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort takes a new direction.

Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort takes a new direction.Natural Wing first opened in 1999, and was the first spa resort on Samui. Eighteen years later, and having won all the major spa awards, let’s take a look at why they have been so successful and where they plan to go from here!


The idea of the spa resort as a place where you could stay for one or more nights, seriously unwind, relax, detoxify and rejuvenate yourself, was a concept that Managing Director, Khun Wanwalee Tantikarn had been thinking about for some time. Whilst living in Phuket in the 1980’s, she bought some hillside land in Bang Por on the north coast of Samui, with a view to creating her dream in the coming years. Her father was a doctor who understood that there was more to health and healing than just pharmaceuticals. His passion for natural well-being was infectious (excuse the pun) and influenced her to begin her quest.


Natural Wing has built up its repertoire over the years, and Khun Wanwalee has been busy pursuing knowledge and understanding from all the different provinces in Thailand. Today they offer an extensive range of spa experiences. From a 30-minute herbal steam, ozone Jacuzzi, hand reflexology or foot massage to a four-and-a-halfhour inclusive package. Massages include; aromatic oil, reflexology, ancient Thai, herbal compress, sports and hot stone. There is also a range of body scrubs, body wraps and beauty treatments. Add to that, personalised detox and slimming programmes which include before and after blood tests by a qualified doctor, and nutritional advice and information. Packages can include accommodation, especially created spa cuisine and lots of activities such as yoga, meditation, hydro-aerobic sessions, educational classes such as cooking (to help you continue your healthy eating habits when you, unfortunately have to leave and return to your normal life), spa treatments and even Muay Thai training by Samart Payakaroon, who is considered to be the Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Robinson of Muay Thai. (Anyone can join his daily training sessions at the gym bearing his name just across the road.)


The latest buzz-word is ‘Wellness’, which according to the World Health Organisation is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” We can achieve this by strengthening the body’s immune system and by trying to reverse any damage caused by environmental chemical overloads. We also need to bring the mind into a state of positive calmness and confidence, enabling us to fulfil our life’s various dreams and ambitions. Together these kinds of changes can allow us to live long and healthy lives. For some people, this is akin to being ‘reborn’. Wellness packages are available to help start changing your mind-set and begin to develop more positive eating,Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort takes a new direction. exercising and thinking routines.


Natural Wing has been certified by the Thai Ministry of Public Health, and is the recipient of ‘The Gold Spa Award (Thailand)’. They have the amazing and champion massage therapist, Khun Oh, who has won many ‘Best Spa Therapist’ awards. I, along with many others I have spoken with, can personally vouch that she is exceptionally good, with sheer magic emanating from her hands! She allows you to feel like you are in heaven - sheer bliss. Natural Wing has also been recommended by local and international newspapers and magazines and is renowned as a therapist training centre.


Khun Wanwalee is the current President of the Samui Spa Association, the Thai Spa Federation and Vice-President of the Green Island Federation. She works with the government to register spas that pass strict guidelines. The wellness passion inherited from her father has never subsided. She has been instrumental in spreading ‘best practice’ principles across the country, and there are now several other regional spa associations as the result of her drive and perseverance. The aim is to achieve specific standards of quality, cleanliness, ethics and safety across all Thai spas.


Natural Wing uses its own ‘Samui Virgin Coconut Oil’ in many of its treatments, and Khun Wanwalee is behind its production. She likes to source all things locally if possible. So, it’s made from fresh organic coconuts grown on Samui, and cold-pressed without the use of any harmful additives or chemical solvents. This pure, organic and unrefined coconut oil is used in massage treatments and can also be taken internally for maximum health benefits.76-4 Khun Oh makes organic handmade soap made from the coconut oil and coconut husk charcoal. You can find both for sale at the resort and many other spas.


A lot has happened in the last 18 years. Khun Wanwalee never seems to slow down. So determined is she to bring the highest quality of the ‘wellness’ and spa experience to everyone, that she is now working alongside other Samui resorts to share the best knowledge, information and training on developing their own spa programs and wellness packages. She has provided programs for the spa at Pavilion Villas and Resort in Lamai, and the latest adventure is at The Treasure, Koh Madsum. This is the only resort on the tiny island of Koh Madsum which lies just 30 minutes by boat from Thong Krut, on the south-west coast of Samui. This is a quiet and idyllic island with beautiful beaches, clear turquoise blue water and no roads or traffic. The perfect place to relax into a wellness or detox program with no distraction. Try the chlorophyll sunbath (it includes lying under huge banana leaves) or the sand therapy (I’ll leave that to your imagination) among others.


Khun Wanwalee, Khun Oh and the rest of the team have truly excelled in their chosen field, and continue to work tirelessly to create exceptional and outstanding spa and wellness experiences at Natural Wing Resort and Spa and elsewhere. They are fantastic ambassadors and teachers. If you are serious about your health and wellbeing and you’re looking to find a spa, detox or wellness program, then you should definitely choose this award-winning team to provide it for you. Enjoy finding your treasure!


 Karan Ladd


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