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11New horizons for TV on Samui.

Why would residents on a small tropical island start making their own TV shows? And why would you want to watch them?

The simple truth is that there’s just so much to film on Samui. Just as there’s a wide array of magazines all talking about Samui and detailing what you can do here, so now you can watch programmes, made by professionals, featuring the highlights of the island, its people and events.

The island already has its own TV channel, Samui Channel, and starting July 4th, it will be broadcasting ‘Hello Samui Holiday & Lifestyle TV’. The new programme’s all about providing info, fun and entertainment.

Samui Channel has excellent coverage. You can catch the 30-minute programmes daily at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm from the comfort of your own hotel room or, if you're already living here, from your living room.

The objective is to provide an entertaining, flamboyant and informal TV show in order to feature and promote Samui, its businesses, facilities, tourist attractions, individuals, activities, initiatives and many more topics.

Prime Star, the company producing ‘Hello Samui Holiday & Lifestyle TV’, has been in business for more than 30 years; first in Germany and, since 1990, in Thailand too. Producer, Horst Hornung, usually known simply as ‘Horse’, has made many tourism programmes for various German TV channels and also helped produce Thailand Panorama, which was shown in many countries worldwide. The company has also produced PR videos for top-notch hotels and some documentaries on Thailand.

The programme is presented by four hosts. Firstly, there’s German-born Nathalie Guetermann, who’s a TV producer herself. Now located in Bangkok, she’s also lived and worked on Samui and is thoroughly familiar with the island.

Then there’s Jo Reynolds, who also has a media background. Thirdly, there’s Mikey Mesild, who was born on Samui and has already presented various programmes on Samui Channel. And Horse, the producer himself, will add his own sense of humour to the proceedings.

The programme intends to feature a wide choice of features, interviews and profiles. “We hope that ‘Hello Samui Holiday & Lifestyle TV’ will open new doors and horizons in promoting Samui and its unique scenario,” says Horse. “This is the true ambition and goal of all involved.”

Asked about the programme’s supporters, Horse states, “We couldn’t do the programme without the help of the smart guys from Samui Channel, who’ve made all of this possible. We’re really grateful to the whole team including their cool cameramen. Regarding our partners, it comes as no surprise that all of them have a progressive and innovative attitude and we would like to thank them for their support and confidence.”

According to the team, those parts of the programme which have already been produced have been a lot of fun to make and they’re looking forward to making the rest with the same spirit.


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