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Blue Stars Kayaking offers stunning daytrips to Samui’s very own archipelago.

Blue Stars Kayaking offers stunning daytrips to Samui’s very own archipelago.You may have seen a glittering collection of islands just off the west coast, all different shapes and sizes, cut into mysterious outlines by forces of nature. From the shore they’re eye-catching, but too far away to really make out any details. Blue Stars Kayaking specializes in extraordinary day trips, taking you out there so you can experience these beautiful gems for yourself.


Why go when you’re already on an island known for its beauty? The archipelago turns out to be one of the most picturesque places in the region. It’s also utterly different from Samui. The 40 or so off-islands are so spectacular that they’ve been granted government protection, and are known collectively as the Angthong National Marine Park. There’s been very little development out on any of these islands, beyond extremely sparse settlement on one of them, along with the park’s headquarters on another. That’s about it. No hotels, shops, restaurants or bars - just untouched beauty.


So far, so idyllic. The islands are postcard perfect: extraordinary white sand beaches, tiny bays, and clusters of rock awaiting your discovery. Once they were unreachable; only local people with fishing boats ever went out here until a few entrepreneurs decided to put them on the map. Blue Stars is one of the foremost companies that did so, and have been running trips out here since 1997. The islands haven’t changed much in that time, but over the years Blue Stars has added more and more value to the service they offer. Thanks to them, it couldn’t be any easier to get there. Better still, everything’s done safely and no corners are cut.


The day starts when you’re picked up from your hotel or villa and driven down to the port, where you embark on the boat that’ll be your home on the water for the day. It’s 23 metres long and is fully-equipped with a huge sundeck complete with beanbags and mattresses and covered seating downstairs.Blue Stars Kayaking offers stunning daytrips to Samui’s very own archipelago.The journey out to the park takes under two hours, time in which you can enjoy the light breakfast of croissants, fresh fruit and tea and coffee. Soon you’re slipping through the islands. No matter what kind of camera you have, you’ll net some amazing shots of karst islets with rocks and vegetation, all secret worlds of their own, and of course there are those amazing beaches.


The captain is incredibly seasoned, and depending on factors such as weather, tides and so on, he chooses where to stop off. You’ll start with a session of kayaking, whereby you get to see the beauty of the islands close-up. With the immediate backdrop of amazing rock formations, overhangs and again the beautifully clear waters that characterize the park, Blue Stars is normally the only company visiting this far north location. After returning to the boat you can swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters.


By now you’ll be hungry, but no worries as the crew will have been preparing a delicious Thai-style buffet (no fiery spices, though!) which you can enjoy while you head south to your next destination of Koh Mae Ko, and more kayaking along the spectacular coastline with its amazing rock overhangs. You’ll then land on an island that’s unique in the archipelago; you can go Blue Stars Kayaking offers stunning daytrips to Samui’s very own archipelago.and see one of the region’s most surprising natural beauties, an emerald green crater lake, surrounded by plunging cliffs.


The kayaks by the way are for two people, but the Blue Stars team can accommodate just about every kind of combination – so no worries if you come, say as a couple with two children. There’s naturally safety insurance, life jackets (you have to wear one by law) and everything’s been thought out. Cold drinks and water are freely available throughout the day.


After seeing the islands it’ll be time to head for home. On the way back to Samui, there’s a snack served and if time permits, a quick swim somewhere along the way. You’ll arrive back at the port where you’ll be taken back to your accommodation, arriving just after 5:00 pm.


A visit to the park is certainly one of the most memorable day trips you could take in Thailand. Blue Stars Kayaking organizes everything for you, and does it in style. Just remember to take essentials such as sunscreen and clothing suitable for a day out in the hot sun. With Blue Stars you’ll be in safe hands, free to enjoy the remarkable adventure that lies before you.


 Dimitri Waring


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