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Coast Beach Club & Bistro at Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui
wows with its extraordinary Sunday Brunch.

Coast Beach Club & Bistro at Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui wows with its extraordinary Sunday Brunch.What better way to spend the languid afternoon hours than over a delicious brunch? And one that is a chance not just to enjoy a brilliant line-up of treats, but an amazingly picturesque setting. Coast Beach Club & Bistro exceeds expectations when it comes to brunch, and has acquired a name for doing so.


It has to be said that brunch has had a bad press in certain parts of the world, with a good few celebrities dissing it as a tepid and ambiguous non-meal, but on Samui it’s entirely different. Here it’s a real feast, with holidaymakers and island residents expecting across-the-board delights as well as all the drinks to go with them. Coast Beach Club & Bistro has managed to raise the bar still further.


For a start, there’s a staggering variety of food on offer, so much so that before you grab a plate and start making your choices, it’s worth spending a few minutes walking around and checking out the entire set-up. There’s more to be had than you think, and if you don’t take a thorough look you may find yourself missing out on some items. There are various displays both indoors and outdoors. There’s even an entire baked goods section, all of its own, in a special room. Here you’ll find delicious breads of several different kinds, ideal for the main courses or simply for the starters. They’re also great for the cheeses and cold cuts that Coast Beach Club & Bistro specializes in; you’ll find many delicatessen items that are usually only found in Europe. Maybe this is one of the draws for the expatriates who come here on a Sunday - a hankering for the luxuries they’ve left behind in their home countries.


Start with the very wide-ranging salad items which also include olives, nuts, pickles and preserved treats, along with a range of dressings. You’ll also find plenty of other starters including sushi and salmon. Naturally, there are soups too, and there’s quite enough to guarantee that you may be full up before you even start on the rest of this feast.


An entire cooking station is devoted to Italian pasta, while a wood-fired oven effortlessly dispenses pizza - simply place your order and your food will be ready very quickly. Seafood abounds, with freshly-caught fish from local waters and imports from elsewhere.Coast Beach Club & Bistro at Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui wows with its extraordinary Sunday Brunch. Check out the mussels and tiger prawns. For meats, a tempting array of chicken, lamb, pork and beef awaits, again grilled to perfection. A wide range of sauces including béarnaise, mint, apple, red wine and mushroom are there to go with these dishes, as well as plenty of vegetables and side dishes. Finally, to round off, you’ll be offered a wonderful selection of desserts, and there’s plenty of fresh fruit as well as tea and coffee.


Drinks abound, and whether you’re in the mood for soft drinks or for beer, wine or cocktails there’s a full range on offer. As an added attraction, there’s an aperitif station featuring Bloody Marys along with all the condiments.


But there’s a lot more to Coast Beach Club & Bistro than just food and drink; this is after all not a city brunch taking place inside an enclosed room. Here, the setting is every bit as good as the food and drink. It is situated right on the beach, and basically consists of a very large deck with different seating areas, all of which overlook the sea and the very beautiful gardens of the resort itself. The vibe is a kind of cross between a garden party and a day out on the beach. In other words, it’s great fun, and appeals to all sorts of different people. Children love to come here and will spend as much time on the beach as they will on the deck. The brunch experience goes way beyond food and drink and is an enjoyable occasion no matter what your age. You’ll probably want to come back again, and if you do you can be sure there are plenty of other options for you to choose; it’s impossible to exhaust them all in a single sitting, no matter how hungry you arrive here. Simply remember to phone ahead to reserve your place as it’s a very popular occasion, running from 12:00 noon until 4:00 pm, every Sunday.


For a brunch that goes well beyond the ordinary, let Coast Beach Club & Bistro spoil you with its standout fare and setting, and be prepared to linger on long after dessert!


 Dimitri Waring


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