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We take a look at why Dr Frogs’ superb restaurant continues to excel!

We take a look at why Dr Frogs’ superb restaurant continues to excel!You’ve got to look hard to find the best. And when it comes to a restaurant, that means more than just fabulous food. It needs a great location and top-notch service, too. And then, if the décor and the overall ambiance are just right, it might stand a chance of success. Many venues have started like this. But Dr Frogs, perched high on the road between Chaweng and Lamai, not only had all this from the start, but has gone on to set standards for others over the course of its awardwinning career.


Dr Frogs is conveniently situated on the first of the hills after Impiana Resort, next to the famous Samui lookout that shares the same incredible views. The first thing you’ll spot is the plentiful off-road parking at the front. But as you make your way inside, that stunning seascape will blow all other thoughts right out of your head. You can see the entire bay of Chaweng laid out below, all the way up to the northernmost point, and the island of Koh Matlang. And at night it’s even more impressive, as the lights from the entire sweep of Chaweng shimmer across the water.


And, once inside, you’ll realise that the layout has been designed to maximise this impact. There’s a really cosy L-shaped bar and lounge area, edging down onto a terrace which is roofed, but open at the sides, and alongside this there’s another, similar deck. There’s lots of warm glowing teak, glorious green and red accents which play-off against this, and discreet mellow lighting everywhere.


The menu here is ‘True Italian Fare’ and Thai, due to the presence of their internationally-renowned Executive Chef, Massimo Marianni. He’s a cheerful and outgoing man, and is often to be seen in the dining room, mingling with restaurant patrons. We take a look at why Dr Frogs’ superb restaurant continues to excel!His culinary repertoire runs from classical to contemporary cuisine, with quite a few specialised dishes of his own included for good measure. One of the reasons that the fare here is so popular with our Italian visitors is that chef Massimo imports many of the hardto- find ingredients that gives his cooking such an authentic taste – meats, sausages and cold-cuts, herbs, spices, cheeses and much more.


The à la carte menu is extensive, and it’s not always easy to decide from its many options. The pasta is freshly made, and the ‘Crespelle al Salmone Affumicato’ with its ricotta and smoked salmon crêpes, pink besciamella and Laotian parsley is a popular choice. But with Samui being an island, the selection of seafood dishes is what most people come for – in particular the lobster thermidor, which is oven-baked in tarragon cream sauce with shallots and parmesan and served on a bed of lettuce.


Needless to say, the ‘turf’ side of the menu features only the very best of imported meats, with the 120-day grain-fed Black Angus Australian fillet steak representing the level of quality that diners have come to expect. The lamb tenderloin is herb-roasted and served with a red wine sauce. And you’ll also be pleased to see that there are various children’s options and portions scattered throughout these offerings.


The staff is friendly and outgoing (this is the Land of Smiles, after all) and are extremely well-trained and attentive, managing to be always at hand, yet never obtrusive, and their level of English is on a par with that which you’d expect at a top hotel. It’s also comforting to know that if you have any queries about your wineWe take a look at why Dr Frogs’ superb restaurant continues to excel! – there’s an excellent selection of New World and Classics, plus one of the largest choice of house wines around – then expert help is readily at hand.


But there’s another thing that’s worth pointing out. Right next door there’s a small, charming and very individual villa resort by the name of Boujis Boutique Resort. Boujis has its own swimming pool and 14 villas, all of which share the same amazing view as Dr Frogs. Most villas have a big sun balcony overlooking the bay. They come complete with a kitchenette (fridge, microwave and tea/coffee making equipment) plus a living area with Netflix. The Boujis experience is complimented by a liaison with Dr Frogs that means that there’s not only 20% off the restaurant prices, but that you can also dial for room service, too.


This has proven to be a popular pairing when it comes to another thing Samui is well-known for; wedding groups. The villas can accommodate up to 40 guests. There are arrangements to cater for parties of this size, and the management is similarly experienced when it comes to hosting the rehearsal dinner, bachelor or bachelorette dinners, and meals on the day of the big event.


Dr Frogs opens at 7:00 am, with the kitchen closing late, depending on the needs of the guests. Enquiries or reservations (recommended for that outside deck!) are at the number below.


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