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Private Escape Samui offers brilliant days out on the water.

Private Escape Samui offers brilliant days out on the water.Known for its sun struck beaches and jungle interior, Samui is an amazingly beautiful island. So much so, that many visitors are simply content to spend all their time on it, without ever leaving. Yet its surroundings are every bit as stunning as the island itself. There are many that would say even more so. Bays, coves, beaches, entire islands await your discovery, and they’re all within easy reach. Private Escape Samui provides a safe and reliable bespoke service to all the attractions.


Private Escape helps you explore Samui’s maritime charms and secrets in ways that leave many of their competition behind. It’s the brainchild of Cyndie and Sandy, a French couple who recognized the need for a service that would provide great trips, but with more input on the customer service side, as well as comfort. In addition, they noticed a growing number of trips involve various boats docking at the same locations. They wanted to avoid all that and bring their customers originality – after all, there’s no shortage of islands around Samui. Private Escape provides half day and full day excursions as well as half day fishing. There’s also a sunset cruise with either wine or champagne.


But it’s up to you precisely how you would like to customize your trip. Private Escape gets innovative when it comes to pleasing its guests. If you would prefer to spend longer than a day out, it’s no problem at all; you can spend up to a week travelling, and overnights are no problem – Private Escape Samui offers brilliant days out on the water.Private Escape can help select great hotels for you.


Rather than opt for a slower cruise, Private Escape offers a speed boat service. Everything you need is on board. You’ll find both a shower and a toilet, thorough maintenance throughout the boat and insurance for each and every guest. With an experienced captain who knows the local waters inside out, and Sandy to look after you for the duration of the trip, you’ll be in safe hands. When you book a bespoke day out with Private Escape, Cyndie can visit you prior to your trip to go through the itinerary with you if needed. Private Escape has contracts with hotels and resorts, guaranteeing a seamless service, and though relatively new on the scene, their popularity is growing.


Trips are limited to just eight customers maximum, allowing you to enjoy the surrounds of nature without feeling you’re in a cramped and crowded space. Your day out is all about having fun, rather than being squashed up and just waiting to get to the next destination on the list.


As we’ve said already, Private Escape offers more than just a modicum of comfort. Towels and orchids are ready and waiting as soon as you step on board. Everything has been thought out, right down to the sun-tan cream. There are also wakeboards, inflatables,Private Escape Samui offers brilliant days out on the water. full snorkelling equipment and a sound system that allows you to connect your own playlist. You won’t even need to spend too much time recording your day on your camera – Sandy will do this for you, and will later email you the album of your day out. GoPro recordings are all part of this too.


Whenever possible, they will pick you up by boat at the beach you’re closest to, allowing your day to begin and end on the boat. You’ll be offered fresh fruits (twice a day) along with soft drinks, soda and beer. You can also opt to order in advance from a wine list or perhaps share a bottle of champagne. Lunch will be at a restaurant where the boat will dock while you eat, or perhaps a gourmet picnic, thanks to a professional chef. None of this is over-priced and is a great way to have lunch, without any need to fire up a wok at the back of the boat! Incidentally, Private Escape, if given 36 hours’ notice, can arrange a barbecue on a secluded beach or a sushi meal on board, also at a very reasonable price.


Discuss with Cyndie how you would like your day to look and she’ll have plenty of suggestions. Whether it’s a stopover on an atoll near Samui or a visit to a mangrove swamp on Koh Tan, where you can go on a jeep tour too, or a trip to the amazing marine park with its beautiful white sand beaches, Private Escape has you covered. They can also arrange just about any kind of extras you can think of. Planning a proposal? They’ll help set it up for you with music, flowers and anything else you might care to think of. They can take you to a deserted beach for the wedding of your dreams or simply provide a cake for a child’s birthday party.


Whatever you decide, Private Escape Samui offers wonderful and memorable times, all whilst guaranteeing safety. With affordable prices, this is a great way to see what so many visitors miss out on – Samui’s aquatic neighbourhood.


Dimitri Waring


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