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Hard Rock Cafe Koh Samui plays to an ever appreciative audience.

Hard Rock Cafe Koh Samui plays to an ever appreciative audience.Once you step inside, you’ll find a beautiful restaurant with mirrored ceilings, plush furniture and a design that can allow any sized group of guests to feel intimate in their surroundings. Rock memorabilia adorns the walls, featuring classic artists dating back to the 60’s, such as Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones and The Who, right up to current pop culture – there’s even a Taylor Swift dress hanging on the Rock Shop wall. The music being played perfectly matches this theme, with a mix of current, retro and classic hits. And you are welcome to make requests if you have something in mind.


The staff are friendly, outgoing, personable and attentive. They’re not overbearing, and take the time to share their local knowledge and tips with you, or guide you through attractions on the maps to be found in the cafe. They clearly love their jobs, and love to spend time with their guests and are very child friendly. There is also an ever-present manager there to accommodate any requests you may have.


The renowned Hard Rock fare is available on the menus. From the world famous Jumbo Combo (as a starter for a family, or a meal for a couple), to the Legendary Burger that’s so big that eating it is a feat in itself. And of course, there’s the ever popular Hot Fudge Brownie that comes served in a margarita glass so large that it’s impossible to finish alone.Hard Rock Cafe Koh Samui plays to an ever appreciative audience. All the portions are huge. Even the salads are massive. Don’t plan on coming half full; even if you arrive desperately hungry, you’ll find the food a magnificent challenge. The Kitchen Manager, Khun Yai, has been here since pre-opening, and has a passion for culinary accomplishments stretching back 12 years, and is possibly the friendliest, most outgoing Kitchen Manager to ever work for Hard Rock. He’s totally dedicated to guest satisfaction, and has a ‘never say no’ attitude when it comes to special requests – so feel free to make your wishes known to the staff.


Hard Rock Cafe Koh Samui features the worldwide best-selling Hard Rock cocktails, local and international bottled beers, along with some cold refreshing draughts and some uniquely Samui cocktails. A must to try is the Full Moon Mojito, a local specialty with Thai rum and some great bonuses if you are drinking during the “Loony” hours.


The outside terrace is a refreshing open area with plenty of tables and chairs allowing you to enjoy the spectacular arena stage. During the day, few people venture outside, except to take a dip in the swimming pool, or have a game on the free pool table. However, at night, the outside seating is a prime spot for watching and interacting with the live band, and to simply enjoy sitting at the gorgeous bar. The bands themselves are generally considered to be the best on Samui, and are brought in from other locations, Hard Rock Cafe Koh Samui plays to an ever appreciative audience.such as Indonesia, to ensure the Hard Rock image is maintained as an entertainment destination. Bands start from 8:00 pm, with sets of classic rock, pop, soul and then building into whatever the crowded terrace urges them to play. You guessed it; they also take requests, and have a huge repertoire of artists they can perform. If you love live music, you’ll love Hard Rock Cafe! The restaurant is open from 11:00 am until 3:00 am daily.


What is a Hard Rock Cafe without a Rock Shop? On Samui, the Rock Shop is located at the front of the café, and is beautifully designed and stocked. They have a large number of collectible pins to select from, along with souvenir glassware, should you want to make your own cocktails, and super cool selections of apparel, ranging from bikinis to fleece jackets. The staff in the Rock Shop have outstanding product knowledge, and are also familiar with all size conversions, no matter what part of the world you are from. They’ll be happy to tell you about any specials they may be featuring on that day. It opens at 10:00 am and is definitely a place where you can pick up a quality souvenir. No matter what you are looking for on Samui, Hard Rock Cafe has something for everyone, and is definitely worth a visit or two whilst you’re here on holiday.


Dimitri Waring


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