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Ringing In The Changes

99Time moves on. Things don’t stay the same forever. And in that ongoing search for perfection there have been some changes in Samui Holiday Magazine this month.

Firstly, I’d like to introduce you to its new editor – Dimitri Waring. Many residents will already know him, as he’s been a regular contributor to several of Samui’s local publications for a number of years. And now we’ve got him all to ourselves!

You’ll find that the majority of articles are now Samui-based; this is the destination that you really want to know about whilst you’re here, after all. Interesting stories delving beneath the skin about local people, businesses, places of interest and things to do. Restaurant and spa reviews alongside informative insights into a multitude of other fascinating topics.

And there’s no longer a bulletin board. If you’re searching for secondhand cars and the like you’ll have to look in the local papers and on the notice boards in the major supermarkets/shopping malls.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new-look Samui Holiday Magazine and hope that it’ll be one of the many things that’ll make your stay on this beautiful tropical island a most memorable one. 


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