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On today’s bustling Samui, security is more important than ever before.

On today’s bustling Samui, security is more important than ever before.Things are changing all the time. Back at the turn of the century, breakins, robberies and muggings were almost unheard of on Koh Samui. Crimes against property just never happened. Even just ten years ago, these things were rare. But it’s all quite different today. Now there are people of many more nations living here. There’s been a huge increase in private property ownership and villa construction. Hundreds more small businesses have appeared. And burglary, planned crime, and organised car and motorbike thefts have begun to happen, along with petty crime, muggings and impetuous theft. In this new climate, everyone really needs to take precautions. Which is where B-Smart comes into the picture.


B-Smart is a long-established Samui security service, specialising in alarm systems and video monitoring installation. In fact, to the best of our knowledge, it’s the only such business on the island which offers a complete range of systems, from a video door phone, to an internet linked video camera system, right through to what looks like the nerve system of a Star Wars battle cruiser.


There are many people reading this who will right away say “. . . but we don’t need this! We bought a really good IP video camera which works off the internet, and we can watch the house wherever we are, even when we are abroad!” Well, yes, that’s true. But in reality, all that means is that you can watch the thieves at work while they strip your house,On today’s bustling Samui, security is more important than ever before.whereas B-smart’s installation also gives you the option of a silent alarm feed to the nearest police station too – some technology is more practical than others!


Khun Bee runs B-Smart, and he started his company in 2004. Back then, alarm systems were far less sophisticated. There were no integrated internet systems, and video cameras and imaging were still in their comparative infancy, with crude, low-resolution feeds that were mostly in black and white. Today everything has changed – and very much for the better!


Let’s go back to a simple domestic system for your house or villa. There are basically two kinds of intruder-warning system: the ‘local’ sort or the external alternative. In the first, a system of pressure pads or other electro-mechanical trip sensors (infra-red beams and/or mechanical triggers) can sound alarms or turn on exterior lights. The external type adds a further layer; a warning that gets sent out of the house, too. And this can be to wherever you want – a neighbour, the police and to your smart-phone via the internet if that’s what you want, it’s your choice.


And if you still have the idea that you can put all this together on a DIY basis and save money, then just you try rigging three or four video camera feeds together via one online telephone-based app. One camera is usually not so bad, although even a short power cut can reset the system, so that it doesn’t work as you programmed it and needs setting up all over again. P80-3But add more bells and whistles to this – more cameras – and it can become totally unreliable and stop working completely. Not so with the systems from B-Smart. These systems are professional, and run on purpose-written software, not a free app that’s downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.


And it’s not only household systems that Khun Bee has been installing. His systems are in place all over the island, from small condos to 5-star resorts, shops, wholesalers, warehouses, the major hospitals, numerous petrol-filling stations and a lot of the convenience stores. And you can also ask for a panic button that’s triggered manually in an emergency, sending a silent signal to a local security agent or the police – which is ideal in a potential robbery.


Plus he has equipment from Fujiko, Kenpro and Bosch, representing varying levels from budget to professional. And he’s also a stockist for the entire range of Italian ‘bticino my home’ integrated systems, which is the Rolls Royce of the security world; all top quality names and systems.


B-smart runs a full-service interface, with 24-hour callout for repair or maintenance. The main shop is out on the north coast at Ban Tai, almost directly across from the signposted turn to Napasai Resort, and right next to the gasoline station. There are several clerical staff, plus a team of engineers on call-out, along with vans that are used around the clock for emergencies and maintenance, as well as installations.


But, the best thing of all – Khun Bee is friendly and very easy to talk to. He’ll listen and then give you a sensible choice of different ways of doing things. All in all, it’s the smartest way to B!


Rob De Wet


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