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You don’t need to be sick to visit Morya Pharmacy – this full-service chemist offers more than medications.

You don’t need to be sick to visit Morya Pharmacy – this full-service chemist offers more than medications.First time visitors to Thailand are often a bit worried about how they’ll cope out here. In most cases their worries are quite unfounded. But what about medications and sickness? What then? Luckily, there’s a chain of pharmacies on Samui, collectively known as Morya Pharmacy, which are well-established and follow the guidelines of their peers in the west. Morya has branches throughout the island, so unless you’re somewhere really remote, there will be one near you. Step inside any of one them and you will be in a bright, totally clean area that’s not just professionally run, but easy on the eye, too.


At Morya there’s always a fully-trained pharmacist ready to serve you. The staff speak reasonable English, and are able to answer your queries. For example, they will find out if a new medication you’re asking about is compatible with one that you are already taking. All too often in pharmacies you’ll see a blind pulled down over the dispensary which bears a sign to say that the pharmacist will be back later. You won’t find this happening at Morya – there will always be someone who can help you with prescriptions and medicine.


The Morya pharmacists are also quite used to dealing with medications that go by different names in different countries. It’s a complicated situation, but they seem unfazed by it and can easily look up the name of your medication and check the other international names. The stock at Morya is vast, so it’s likely that you’ll find what you are looking for. You can also buy cheaper Thai equivalents of your medication.You don’t need to be sick to visit Morya Pharmacy – this full-service chemist offers more than medications. Very often when you ask for medication, Morya will have several different products that have the same effect. If one is too expensive for you, they’ll probably have something similar and cheaper. If any branch doesn’t stock the medicine you require, they will simply phone their headquarters and it’ll soon be delivered. They also stock a range of alternative medicines, as well as holistic and organic products and remedies.


In a few years, Morya will be celebrating its 20th birthday. It was opened in 2001, just as Samui was becoming really famous. Back then, there were fewer pharmacies, and most of them weren’t as well run as Morya. There was a great need for a professional pharmacy, and Morya filled the gap, going from strength to strength ever since. It’s the brainchild of Khun Kwanchai Patpaen, a fully trained pharmacist himself. His pharmacists have all completed a 6-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree program, are qualified in both biochemistry and organic chemistry and can read, speak and write English. If you wish to communicate in another language, they’ll use online translations in order to serve you. This works quite well in most cases, and with so many different nationalities visiting the island, it’s a must.


You can also drop into Morya for all your sunscreen needs, mother and child goods, as well as toiletries, soaps, shampoos and so on. The stores also carry a full range of anti-mosquito products, along with all the various creams and lotions for skin problems of most kinds.


Khun Kwanchai realised that there was a need not just for medications, first aid products and routine pharmacy offerings but something much more intangible – beauty and wellness products such as facial packs, herbal compresses, scrubs and more.You don’t need to be sick to visit Morya Pharmacy – this full-service chemist offers more than medications. You will now find all these in the Morya stores, but he’s gone further and has two stores called Green Cross Morya. These have a wealth of spa and health products along with herbal offerings. You will find the Green Cross stores at Central Festival and at Samui Airport.


And you certainly don’t need to be ill to drop into Youreka, a gift shop that’s also part of Morya. There are two of these shops, one of them at The Wharf, in Fisherman’s Village, and the second in Central Festival.


Here you can find spa, beauty and skin-care products, cosmetics, fragrances, baby and child products, toiletries, sun-care, plus insect repellents, together with dried fruits and snacks. These are also ideal places to go for souvenirs as well, or for something to take your friends and family back home.


Last but not least, Morya is always expanding. Since December, they have managed to open up no less than three new stores. You will now find a Morya close to Starbucks Coffee at Central Festival Samui, then another in Chaweng Noi, near First Bungalow Beach Resort and lastly, one at newly-opened Sala Samui Chaweng Beach Resort on the beach road close to Samui International Hospital.


Morya is more than just a full-service pharmacy; it really is your one-stop healthcare destination on Samui.


Dimitri Waring


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