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One of the island’s most tranquil spas is right on the edge of Fisherman’s Village – at Celes Beachfront Resort!

One of the island’s most tranquil spas is right on the edge of Fisherman’s Village – at Celes Beachfront Resort!Samui just keeps getting better! First of all it was restaurants; today we’ve got some of the best in the world. And then spas began to appear, too. To begin with resorts just added a massage room for their guests. Then this expanded and treatments began to appear. Now, there are worldclass spas drawing-in visitors from all over the island. And one of these is at Celes Beachfront Resort.


Celes is a name you’ll probably not be familiar with. But this beautiful resort appeared last year, sitting quietly on the beach in Bophut, only a few hundred metres from the ever-popular Fisherman’s Village. It’s 5-star, super-luxurious, but it also has a quiet air of sublime chic about it. It’s unassuming. The style is clean and modern, but doesn’t attempt to declare itself ‘minimalist’ in any way – it has too much flair for that.


There are lots of bright white walls and surfaces – even the pathways are pale – but the usual blockiness has been sidestepped by using lots of curves and rounded corners, giving the whole resort an elegant embryonic feel. And, unlike so many design options which take the easy way out and fill every inch with rampant tropical foliage, the overall effect here is a series of bright, modern spaces and buildings, with the thoughtful positioning of the green of the trees, bushes and lawns complementing this harmoniously.


The villas themselves are varied, some on one level and others with two storeys, and with the prime-pick right on the sand itself, and with a clever design that allows guests to step from their private patios down onto the beach. This is sheer indulgence, with a pillow menu, a choice of top-brand shampoos, shower gels and foams, One of the island’s most tranquil spas is right on the edge of Fisherman’s Village – at Celes Beachfront Resort!and even an aroma option that allows you to set a hint of specific fragrances. Not to mention that there’s the option of an opulent eight foot-wide bed, complete with custom-made bedding.


I could continue to enthuse about more aspects of the villas, or indeed the very excellent restaurant. But the one aspect of the resort that needs more information and explanation is their super Celes Spa. The reception area at Celes is wide, crisp and airy, and you’ll be forgiven for not noticing a small doorway which sits unassumingly in the wall opposite. I said ‘doorway’ as it is, in fact, a space without a door. But it leads to a rectangular area within, which is almost breath-taking in its simplicity and clarity.


There are textured concrete floors and walls and a delicate infinity-edge pool, with seven plain wooden doors around the edge. The pool itself (the herbal steam bath) is mysterious, being totally still and clear, but with a series of eight gigantic teardrop-shaped coloured bottles around the edge. There are no windows onto this inner space. But rather than being dark, it’s glowing with light, One of the island’s most tranquil spas is right on the edge of Fisherman’s Village – at Celes Beachfront Resort!due to a big open panel in the roof itself – and this is fringed with growing plants! The effect is ethereal – otherworldly, immediately endowing all of this area with a gentle and timeless aesthetic that just couldn’t be more appropriate for a spa setting.


Before you finally decide exactly what treatment you’ll settle on, just take a look inside all the rooms – they are beautiful; spotlessly clean with not a speck of dust, gently air-conditioned, fitted with quality couches, beds and tables, and with a soft shift of colour-key and décor between them that’s just right . . . everything’s elegantly and expensively under-stated.


There is a wide and varied range of treatments available, ranging from massages, scrubs, wraps and facials, and grouped into a menu which covers the aspects of de-stress, calming, energising and detox, and includes the complementary areas of reflexology and herbal steam, and all connected with the benefits of essential oils.


Interestingly, and very happily, all of the treatment rooms are designed to accommodate couples. This isn’t immediately obvious until you look into the reflexology room, where there are two matching chairs. These are state of the art electro-adjustable posture chairs, and this is the first spa I’ve been in where it’s recognised that total all-body relaxation is necessary for an effective reflexology session.


This super new spa is actually having its soft opening this month. And as a special one-time offer to readers, there is a 30% discount on all massages and treatments across the board. And that adds a further layer of meaning to “. . . Celes – sublimely satisfying!”


Rob De Wet


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