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Escape Break offers a totally different holiday activity.

Escape Break offers a totally different holiday activity.If you like your holidays lively, Escape Break offers a strong adrenaline rush all whilst being in a totally safe environment. Luring the competitive set with some amazing conundrums, where couples and groups of friends solve seemingly impossible problems against the clock, the world of


Escape Break is just as much a state of mind as a physical venue. Places like Escape Break have exploded on the market in the last few years. It’s something different to do, and a break from reality even if it’s the carefree one of bars, beaches and constant sunshine. Whether you’re looking to tax your brain with some truly awesome enigmas or just to hang out with friends in a situation that mimics white-knuckle scenarios, then consider adding Escape Break to your island activities.


In Ghost Ship, you and your companions find yourselves locked inside the abandoned Marie Celeste with a cyclone bearing down on you. Can you get out alive before it’s too late? The room you’re trapped in has plenty of objects that may or may not provide the solution to your predicament. Use your wits to get out or perish in the attempt. Outbreak is a radically different scenario and belongs to the near-future. Here, you’re in a laboratory and have to combat a deadly virus that’s about to kill off the entire human race. Relic Rush takes place in a jungle temple, where you have to find a golden artefact that belonged to lost civilization or face defeat. Last but not least, a more sentimental situation, where you’re looking for a kidnap victim in a Hong Kong gang hideout, gathering evidence that will lead to the freedom of the abductee. Which game to opt for is entirely up to you; it’s a bit like being at the Cineplex and having to decide which of four thrillers to choose from – all are equally good.


How does it all work? All the games take place in mysterious locked rooms. You have an hour to play the game you’ve chosen and solve the problem. Once you solve the mystery, you find your way out of the room. To get started, you’ll need to phone ahead and book a time and game and then go along to Escape Break, Escape Break offers a totally different holiday activity.which located at Beach Republic resort on Lamai beach. Escape Break is open daily from 9:30 am until 8:30 pm, with the last game starting at 7:30 pm.


Once you arrive, you’ll be given a warm welcome by staff in a comfy lobby. They’ve been professionally trained to oversee the rooms, activities and to look after their guests. They can give clues if you reach desperation point, and can get you out of the room in the blink of an eye if you give up. But you’re not going to do that, are you?


When you go into the room, there’s a short introduction on the big screen TV on the wall, and then you have to try to solve the predicament that you find yourself in. Nothing is quite what it seems, to quote the old line from many a thriller movie, and it’ll take every ounce of savvy to solve the clues that lie before you. It’s a bit like doing a puzzle, except that instead of holding it in your hands or staring down at it, you’re actually inside it. That makes a big psychological difference. It makes it real. And when you finally come out of the room back into the world again, it’s a bit like leaving the cinema after watching a very good movie.


Increasingly venues such as Escape Break are becoming popular for corporate team-building, with entire groups coming to solve the seemingly insolvable together and in doing so learn how to co-operate and hone their mental agility. Whatever brings you to Escape Break, there are one or two added bonuses. If you’ve already had too much sun and fear going from walnut brown to lobster red, this is the place for you. Rooms like the ones they have here are every bit as enjoyable as time spent outdoors.


Lots of fun and never predictable, the enigmatic world of Escape Break awaits you and your friends or family. Suitable for the ages of eight years old and upwards, the four games here will provide more than enough mystery and mayhem for the average holiday.


Dimitri Waring


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