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Life is an inspiration at Loft by Oriental Living.

Life is an inspiration at Loft by Oriental Living.Are you tired of finding ‘same-same’ and ‘not different at all’ home furnishings? Well, welcome to Loft, the retail arm of Oriental Living, the best known and most prestigious providers of interior design and highend furnishings on Koh Samui and Phuket. Developing their brand and reputation over the last 25 years, they continue to listen tirelessly to their customers’ needs and desires, and keep bang up to date with current trends. Their passion is to seek, search, and source new inspiration, original artists, designs and materials. They travel far and wide, visiting not only furnishing fairs, but also to natural and man-made wonders of the world such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, as well as modern cities and everywhere in between. They continually network, finding out what is new, the latest artist or designer to visit, bringing all the information and awe-inspiring designs to you right here on Samui!


If you are looking for a thought-provoking, jaw-dropping, yet stylish and affordable shopping experience. If you want to find the full spectrum of bold, modern or antique furnishings with happy, innovative, functional and comfortable forms and colours. Then visit Loft by Oriental Living, and check out the eclectic collection of furniture, art and décor. The extremely knowledgeable, English speaking team are always on hand to answer any questions, discuss your ideas or needs, or to just let you wander and browse. Here, you are treated as a guest, offered good quality coffee, tea or water, as well as an expert ear to listen and advise. Honesty is important to the Loft team. They will not sell you anything that is not fit for purpose! After all, the Oriental Living rock-solid 25-year reputation is at stake! 


Alex W. Raksai, Partner and Interior Designer extraordinaire, is just back from Salone del Mobile, the 2018 furnishing and accessories exhibition in Milan, and Sirapassorn Kongsang, (Khun Few) also a designer, is recently back from the International Furniture Fair Singapore. These fairs showcase established and emerging ideas and trends. Currently in favour are furnishings with bold designs and strong mixed natural materials; metal, wood, fabric,Life is an inspiration at Loft by Oriental Living. rope and rattan all working together to create harmonious forms. Lighting is making big waves right now, with new ideas for lamps and lampshades with some nifty metallic and Perspex designs resembling natural shades and patterns. Khun Few was particularly taken with engravings and patinas on metal bowls, dishes and artwork. 


Environmental concerns are very much at the fore. Alex and his team understand the need to maintain the forests on our earth for the oxygen they provide, as well as the habitat for diverse animal and plant species. They only use recycled or plantation wood, and know where every piece comes from. Since wood is a natural living material, it changes when it is cut and dries out. Recycled wood has already been through these changes and is very stable. Plantation wood comes from managed sustainable forests, and all furnishings come with a certificate to prove it. 


Loft by Oriental Living also supports and encourages emerging artists and craftsmen that use different techniques to create unique pieces of furniture or artwork. They currently have some three-metre-high wooden sculptures made from Timor rosewood, which are historically said to offer protectionLife is an inspiration at Loft by Oriental Living.. These original looking antique pieces are in fact excellent quality replicas made from recycled wood, each one totally unique, handmade with skill and patience. Alex and the Loft team know the history and story behind every item for sale. Where it’s from, the artist or designer, the materials and whether they are suitable or not for your intended use. 


The Loft store is a truly happy environment with its huge open and airy space filled with natural light and unpretentious and cosy, themed areas; lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms adorned with beautiful designs, colourful and functional furniture, art, lamps and décor. These items are bought in large numbers, saving costs which are passed on to you. Here you will find the perfect solution if you are looking for a few pieces to complete a room, or if you own a hotel, condominium or villa and want to furnish it in its entirety. Loft is about buying directly from the shop, but they also have a team on hand to source in bulk if you see a design or style that you like. If you don’t see what you are after, they will try their best to source something to fit your requirements. Trust them, communicate, enjoy and dance with them! 


You will find Loft by Oriental Living just across the road from the Big C Superstore in Bophut, with parking directly outside, off the road. You can’t miss it - they have a huge range of outdoor furniture, which is currently their biggest seller. 


In need of inspiration to transform your house into your dream home? Want your glass to be half full instead of half empty? Then look no further than Loft by Oriental Living. Breath, smile and go dance! 


 Karan Ladd


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