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Beach Republic keeps up the fun with its mix of food, drink and chilled vibes.

Beach Republic keeps up the fun with its mix of food, drink and chilled vibes.Take the signposted turning and along a small lane, you’ll come to the famed Beach Republic, which sits at the edge of the sea, basking in the sun. No border guards ask for your passport, but you might just as well have stepped over an invisible line and into new country. You’ll have left behind the usual architecture of Samui, an at times raucous jumble of styles, and will now find yourself in a chic world that’s both simultaneously covered and sheltered. It’s made of steel arches, teak and thatch. New meets old meets chic, in other words. Sounds paradoxical? The combo works. It’s a delight to spend time here. You’ll quickly see that everything at Beach Republic fits together as seamlessly as a matrushka doll, and you can have a lot of fun just exploring the different parts.


The beach here is also a great place to be; if you’ve witnessed the crowds in Chaweng, you’ll enjoy the seclusion of the sands at Beach Republic. Plenty of coves to check out, and a view that’s all haze and dreaminess. A duo of swimming pools distracts from the surroundings, however, and are a focal point here.


Another is – of course – the restaurant. Beach Republic has made a name for itself with its delicious food. Think Mediterranean. And then a wealth of it. And finally quality. A whole range of snacks and different lunches are available, along with a dinner menu that’s sumptuous. 


‘Chill Different’ is the motto behind Beach Republic. Anyone can invent a motto, of course, as we all know. So the big question, is there any substance to the words? Of course there is. While other beach clubs take the beachside club approach with a blaring, thumpity-thump, pump up the volume style of ambience and service, Beach Republic chills different with a more laid-back vibe,46-2 personable and endearing service, and a will to deliver a more relaxed waterside retreat. 


Check out the daily themes and you’ll see that Beach Republic’s motto is definitely not misplaced, even if it’s ungrammatical! There’s something happening at Beach Republic every single day of the week. On Mondays, all day and all night, you can opt for three hours’ free flow of bubbles, beer, wine and cocktails (999 baht ++). Tuesdays are definitely time to enjoy Cerveza Corona – simply buy one, get one free and in addition you can partake in an all-day happy hour with a tapas promotion. Wednesdays is the day to buy any two bottles and get one free. At the same time, enjoy beer, wine, bubbles (99 baht ++ per glass). Many guests love to turn up on Thursdays, Beach Republic keeps up the fun with its mix of food, drink and chilled vibes.when it’s the ‘President’s VIP Seafood Grill’ – a beautiful line up of fish main courses, which can be combined with a special deal on champagne. On Fridays, experience ‘Montezuma’s Mojito Madness’ – a three hour free-flow any time day or night (999 baht ++). 


At the weekend the fun continues, and in fact there’s even more of it. ‘Soulful Saturday’ is a lush all day pool party, with two-for-one on all shots. Then the next day, comes the final, end-of-the-week event. You may already have heard of it; Beach Republic is known across the island, as well as much further afield, for its amazingly good Sunday brunch. Now in its ninth year, it operates every Sunday from 11:30 am until 3:30 pm, with the DJ playing till sundown. The brunch features dozens of dishes, with Fines de Claire oysters, Scottish salmon, Maine lobster, Spanish ham, roast beef and lamb, foie gras skewers, sea bass, canapés, sushi and a range of cold meats. There’s also plenty of Thai food, a barbecue station, desserts and an international cheeseboard. It would be a feat to taste everything that’s on offer, so definitely come hungry and be prepared to linger. There are a variety of drinks options to suit all tastes. And naturally there’s plenty of choice when it comes to seating, but the uniting factor is the same: think relaxed, laid-back and practical. You may wish to remain indoors in the spacious dining room or sit out either by the pool or overlooking the sea in a cabana. 


Beach Republic is a lot more than a simple ocean club. You can actually stay here in the opulent Beach Republic Residences, but relatively few people are aware of that – most have simply come to eat, drink and enjoy themselves. There’s hotel-style accommodation all the way up to luxury private villas with lush tropical gardens and private, chemical-free fresh water pools. Each villa has a lounge, kitchen and dining space, and luxurious bedrooms. The villas offer relaxed days and nights, just the kind of easy living that holidaymakers seek on a tropical vacation. 


With plenty going on at Beach Republic, it’s really up to you to decide what sort of time you’d like while you are here. With feasts, themes and events to showcase all that’s good here, you’ll be faced with lots of choices – and they’ll all be happy ones.


 Dimitri Waring


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