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Paul’s Fashion has got vacation-tailoring down to a fine art.

Paul’s Fashion has got vacation-tailoring down to a fine art.Some people are nervous about it. Others think there just isn’t time. And for quite a lot of folks, it just doesn’t occur to them. But the fact is that bespoke tailoring in Thailand is a great way to go. And on Samui there’s one place which has got this down to a fine art. And the name is Paul’s Fashion.


One of the problems with buying things on holiday is the guarantee – what can you do when you’re back home, thousands of miles away, and something goes wrong? Well, this place has got it all sorted out, as you’ll find out in just a moment. They offer a cast-iron assurance on the quality of their workmanship. But here’s the thing – not once, ever, have they needed to put this guarantee to the test.


Just take a look on TripAdvisor. As you know, unlike Facebook, comments on here can’t be edited, changed or deleted. This is the acid test of a business or service. Restaurants and hotels fear it because it tells the truth. Real people, with real experiences. Paul’s Fashion was established in 2005. And not once, since they started on TripAdvisor in 2013, has Paul’s Fashion ever had a bad review; not even one – you’re invited to check this for yourself! 


This is exceptional, and it really is a measure of not only the quality of the goods, but of the aftercare service also. As Paul Subedhi (partner and spokesman for Paul’s Fashion) says, “We have a cast-iron guarantee – if you aren’t happy with the final product, then you pay nothing.” And you don’t have to worry about the time factor, either. If you’re here for more than five days,54-2 everything will be fine. They’ve done this so many times that the entire process has become streamlined and efficient. In fact, apart from the very first visit to the shop, in the middle of Chaweng (almost opposite McDonald’s) you don’t actually need to leave your resort for the rest of it! 


You obviously need to know what you want – a business suit, a cocktail dress, a sports coat, whatever. And so your first visit is to look through the fabrics on display (and there are a great many of them) and select one. You’ll get individual attention and deal only with one personal tailor throughout. He’ll go through a whole series of books and catalogues with you until you decide on exactly the style you want, and then finalise the design – details, like how many buttons, what type of vents, the pocket style, lining material and so on. And then you’ll spend another 30 minutes being measured from top to bottom, inside and out, in every last detail. 


With something like a 2-piece suit, the vital element is the jacket. So when you return, you’ll have the trousers almost ready (or the skirt, if you’re female) plus a cut and semi-stitched jacket ‘template’ waiting. And now this is carefully adjusted and fitted to you, while you bend and stretch and sit and twist. And then the third stage is that you’ll go back in a day or so when the trousers are complete and the jacket is 95% finished. This is the final fitting. With the majority of other tailors you won’t get this third fitting, and this is what makes Paul’s Fashion stand out from the crowd. 


In fact, if you’d prefer, after the first visit to the shop, the further three adjustments can happen where you’re staying. He’ll come to you. (And that includes a huge variety of women’s items on offer, from formal business suits to cocktail wear, in summer or winter fabrics, in quality cashmere or satin, silk, chiffon or pure cotton.) And he’ll also bring the finished items back to you too at the end. The process is highly efficient, as there are more than 40 pattern cutters and machinists working for you behind the scenes! 


And that guarantee? Well you pay 50% of the cost at the start. And the remainder when everything is finished, with a full refund of your deposit unless you’re completely satisfied – but that’s never happened! 


More to the point, as Paul says, over half of the time, when they get home, customers are so pleased with the end result that they order another item. Paul keeps the original patterns on file for four full years, and is all geared-up for speedy and efficient mail order abroad. The entire experience at Paul’s Fashion is a ‘cutting edge’ operation from start to finish – with satisfaction totally guaranteed!


 Rob De Wet


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