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Forget the tours – head directly for Paradise Park Farm because it’s not what you think!

Forget the tours – head directly for Paradise Park Farm because it’s not what you think!You’re here for a week. You want to go around. You hire a car for a day or so. And then you look to see what trips are on offer. There are crocodiles and tigers. There’s a garden with butterflies. There’s a mummified monk wearing Ray-Bans. There are places where you can ride an elephant for a few minutes. There are shooting ranges. There are restaurants on the top of the mountain. And there’s also the timeless and ethereal ‘Buddha’s Secret Garden’.


But there’s only one place where you can do all of this in one go - Paradise Park Farm. It’s not a farm. It’s not even a park. I’m not sure what you’d name a place where the view is like nothing else on the island, where there’s a petting zoo with dozens of animals reptiles and birds, an excellent restaurant, a superbly-modern infinity swimming pool and deck – the word ‘paradise’ needs to be part of the name, for sure!


You’ve got all of the things I’ve mentioned. And they’re all close together in one area, on the west coast of the island. If you’re looking for an organised day trip then you’ll probably find one where several of these are knitted into one package. But here is some serious advice. Don’t do that!


Hire a car for the day. Head out towards the universal landmark of Wat Khunaram and the mummified monk. And then here you’ve got a choice. You absolutely need to head towards Paradise Park Farm, way up in the hills. But you can take your pick – on the way you can make a kind of personalised day trip and include as many of the other attractions as you want;Forget the tours – head directly for Paradise Park Farm because it’s not what you think!they are all within the same area.


Coming by yourself or with your partner, this is heaven. But if you’ve got kids, its paradise! If you can find the aerial drone photo that shows the layout, you’ll see that the natural slope of the hill here has been altered and extended – it looks a bit like a luxury ship has sailed into the mountainside. The top side and surrounding layers are dedicated to the animal park. There are so many ‘petting’ creatures, from deer to reptiles,marmosets and monkeys, to parrots by the dozen (the best photos on Samui) that you’ll spend several hours here. 


The next terrace down is the restaurant: spacious, airy, and open on three sides, serving Thai and international snacks and dishes. But the final countdown is the lower terrace of the infinity swimming pool, on a wide slab with a generous surround that merges into the amazing vista below and beyond. This has to be without doubt the best pool on the island. Make sure you come with swim-clothes; the towels are provided. And there’s even a kiddies playground close by.  


This is one place not to be missed !


Rob De Wet


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