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What to do on Samui when it’s too hot to go outside.

What to do on Samui when it’s too hot to go outside.Samui can simply be too hot. Overhead white clouds boil and look like they’re made of steam. The beaches are incandescent and the sand too hot to walk on. Even when evening finally comes there’s no respite; the night actually seems hotter than the day.


What to do? You could just stay in your hotel room, listlessly cooled by fans and air-con or dare to venture out, sun hat pulled down. Even if Samui isn’t like Bangkok with ice-skating rinks, museums and vast, chilled malls, you will quickly find that there is plenty to occupy yourself while on holiday without worrying about the heat. Let’s take a look at some of the activities that’ll keep you out of the sun.


Getting a massage is the most obvious activity to indulge in. Not a beach massage, but one that’s in a spa, away from the sun. Some spas are even windowless, definitely no blinding sun coming in. Pure bliss if you’re intent on getting some relaxation. All spas will be cooled, allowing you to escape from the heat, and offer not just individual treatments but entire packages where you can indulge in up to five hours of kneading, bathing and rejuvenating.


A tattoo parlour might seem an odd choice as a place to chill out, but why not? You’ll definitely be in the shade and, depending on what design you choose, it may take many hours. The only drawback is that you will need to seek out the right tattooist for you,What to do on Samui when it’s too hot to go outside. and then may well need to set up an appointment. And by that time the weather may be more clement once more. But whatever, you’ll be coming home with an impressive tattoo rather than sunburn.


Something else you can bring home with you is pure knowledge. Many visitors to Samui attend one or other of the island’s cooking classes and learn to cook an entire Thai meal with three or four courses – and keep the know-how forever. There are literally dozens of cooking schools on the island; many hotel chefs run classes, and there will surely be a place near you where you can sign up. Classes usually take about three hours, and may or may not involve a trip to the local market before getting down to the business of cooking. As a bonus, you get to eat what you’ve made. It’s great fun, and many people come back to learn how to make still more dishes.


Medical matters might not seem to have any place in a holiday, but these days a lot of people come for various treatments. These include teeth whitening, fillings, dentures and a whole array of procedures, which by the way are not confined to merely dental. What to do on Samui when it’s too hot to go outside.The longer you’re on holiday, the more you can get done. And naturally all of it will be in air-con surroundings.


It might seem a bit of a paradox if you’re trying to keep out of the heat, but why not go to a gym? Not the sweaty, over-heated type with an overhead fan and the windows all open, but the more modern kind with air-con. It can even feel quite refreshing – well, definitely the shower, afterwards – and your body will thank you. Running on a treadmill is definitely better than facing the sun-baked roads of Samui – and a lot safer. There are a number of independent gyms that offer chilled surroundings and plenty of equipment of all kinds, from cardio through weight-training. Check out, for example, Elite Gym and Fitness right in the heart of Chaweng. Both the mind and the body can experience improvements quite easily whilst on holiday. There are also plenty of trainers who can help you short-term during your vacation, and you could easily have an entire new workout under your belt by the time you return home


For adrenalin junkies, keeping out of the sun doesn’t need to equate with boredom. Lazgam Laser Games in Chaweng (next to Elite Gym) offers fun in a futuristic environment; it’s guaranteed to burn off your excess energy in no time, while leaving you feeling euphoric. Escape Break in Lamai, meanwhile, offers locked-room puzzles, where you have to break out within sixty minutes solely using your mind to piece together various clues. What to do on Samui when it’s too hot to go outside.Lazgam and Escape Break are great ways to avoid the sun and will be a challenge. Do you want it to be a physical or a mental one? Either way, it’s guaranteed to pass the time.


A favourite way to escape the heat for both Thais and holidaymakers is to head for the malls. There are three completely enclosed, airconditioned malls on the island. Tesco Lotus has branches in Chaweng and Lamai, while Big C has one in Chaweng. They’re all on the ring-road. Apart from food shopping, there’s a cinema at Tesco Lotus’ Chaweng outlet, along with a large children’s play area with dinosaur rides, bumper cars and an arcade.


Central Festival, Samui’s newest mall, meanwhile, holds the greatest number of attractions. It’s open-air, but has plenty of shade, and thanks to the way it’s constructed never seems too hot, even when the rest of the island is sweltering. Here you’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes, all of which are individually air-conditioned, and a large food court, while for entertainment, there’s a cinema, along with an XD theatre, virtual reality machines and even a horror house for those who really, really crave an adrenalin rush.


Samui’s definitely famous for being a tropical island, with its sunny beaches and jungle, but if for any reason you’re tired of the sun and the heat, there are plenty of other activities going on, all of which are away from the hot eye of the sun. Enjoy!


Dimitri Waring


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