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Fishing, food and superlative accommodation at Fishing Park Samui.

Fishing, food and superlative accommodation at Fishing Park Samui.Most resorts on Samui locate themselves as close as possible to the beach. Not this one. Fishing Park Samui has instead chosen a lake. Picturesque indeed, and the central feature of a dramatically different new resort. Fishing Park Samui opened last year, and offers a very different type of holiday. Combine total luxury with fishing at its best, and you have some idea of this wonderful place. But you need to participate to understand the rationale behind the owner’s thinking. The lake is stocked with some of the world’s largest, most impressive freshwater fish. With dozens of different species and a total of several thousand fish, action and sport is guaranteed. But it’s not your average lazy time by the bank, reeling in a few laughable specimens. A nibble on the line and an alarm sounds, and then it’s you against the mammoth thing from the deep, and it may take hours of effort before you land it. What you then have in your hands, and seconds later on your Instagram page, is one of up to 30 species of fish in the lake. You’ll find Mekong Catfish, Amazon Arapaima, Redtail Catfish and a variety of carp. All the fish are for catch and release only, by the way, but that’s no damper on enjoyment. You’re welcome to come and fish with just a day ticket (choose between, six, nine and 12 hours) and set up by the bank in one of the resort’s day salas. The salas allow two people to fish at the same time, but there’s room for two spectators as well. Each person fishing gets two Shimano reels and rods, hooks, lines, rod pods, alarms and, naturally, a bait pack.


Helpful staff will come and set everything up for you, along with bait for your line, if you need this, and will be present when you land the big one. Even a seasoned fishing person may need help;Fishing, food and superlative accommodation at Fishing Park Samui.some of the fish are so massive that you could weight-lift with them. When it comes to safety, you’re in good hands, and everything has been carefully thought out. There are lifebuoys, life-jackets and stairs so you can climb out of the water if necessary. The salas are comfortable enough to spend the day in, and food and drink can easily be brought to you, as well. Each sala has its own power points, fans, table and free Wi-Fi.


But that’s not all that Fishing Park Samui offers. There’s some of the island’s most original accommodation. You’ll find three de-luxe rooms and six superior rooms. These all overlook the lake, and you can fish directly from your own terrace while enjoying views of some of the greenest scenery on the island. All around the lake, dense vegetation has been planted, giving this the feel of an exotic garden. There are also eight townhouse cottages. These are conveniently situated next to a swimming pool with its own swim-up bar. If you’re staying in one of the townhouse cottages you’ll be assigned a day sala, which will be yours exclusively. It goes without saying, however, that you don’t need to be on a fishing holiday in order to book a roomFishing, food and superlative accommodation at Fishing Park Samui. – plenty of people find the environment so tranquil that it’s reason enough to come and stay here.


Food for fish is abundant, but what about for humans? The aptly named Catch Restaurant is a great place to recuperate after an adrenalinepumping fishing session. The menu caters for every taste. You can find Thai and international dishes on the menu, along with all kinds of drinks. If you’re thirsty rather than hungry, enjoy beer, cocktails and a range of soft drinks. Sit inside the simple but elegant main dining area which is open-sided, or head upstairs to the rooftop terrace for panoramic views. The restaurant also caters for all manner of parties and events – just have a word with the friendly management if you wish to stage a gathering here. Catch is open from 6:30 am onwards, closing around 9:00 pm, though later if it’s high season or if there’s demand.


With home comforts and luxury on hand, Fishing Park Samui has already attracted a lot of attention. It’s situated in the quietest part of the island, in the south of Samui. Turn off the ring-road towards Wat Samret and follow the signs. It lies between Namuang and Ban Hua Thanon. Come and fish anytime between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. It’s a heady pastime, fishing, and easy to get hooked! Fishing Park Samui makes it more fun still.


Dimitri Waring


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