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Don’t miss out on Samui’s wonderful world of water sports.


There’s something liberating about water. Perhaps it’s the feel of weightlessness, the ability to float and lose contact with the ground. Water lets you get away from your normal life, the days spent on the land. It’s freedom - at times exhilarating. And in all probability, if Samui wasn’t surrounded by water, would you even be here at all? In some way or other, most of us have been drawn here precisely because of water. And now that you are here, there’s more to water than just the sea; there are water sports too, and a whole range of them on and around Samui that are sure to seduce you. Your hotel swimming pool may be captivating enough, but there’s plenty more to see and do when it comes to getting your feet wet. Here’s a brief guide to all things aquatic.


Kayaking is one of the easiest ways to get around in the water – and it’s fun, too. Children love it every bit as much as adults do. Probably your hotel has a kayak they’ll let you borrow for free – it’s surprising how many guests don’t know this. You can also venture further afield to Angthong Marine Park where you can kayak in crystal clear waters and swim and snorkel too. Blue Stars Kayaking is one of the pioneers in this field and guarantees a great day out. Want total privacy for you and your friends? Then hire a yacht to take you to local maritime beauty spots and ask for kayaks to be brought along.


Scuba diving is one of the chief sports around Samui, and not surprising given the warmth and clarity of the waters here. You can opt for a basic course and have a core qualification in a matter of days. Since safety is a prime concern, there’s some classroom learning, but most of the practice takes place in water. Book classes on Samui itself or head to Koh Tao,Don’t miss out on Samui’s wonderful world of water sports.the epicentre of diving in the region. Koh Tao is just a couple of hours away by boat, but there are so many dive schools there that you’ll need to shop around before you find one that’s best for you. If you’re completely unsure you can take a ‘taster’ session, allowing you to get to grips with the feel of being underwater.

Kiteboarding and windsurfing are also to be found on Samui, and once again the waters around the island turn out to be a great place to learn either. If your holiday is more than a few days long, you’ll have enough time to get to grips with them and are sure to have a very enjoyable experience.


SUP isn’t a command to drink, but one of the latest aquatic sports around - stand up paddleboarding. It’s naturally to be found on Samui too. Rent a board, stand up and simply paddle. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy your surroundings. And it’s also incredibly good for your arms and core muscles. You can even do yoga on a surfboard these days.


Swimming is of course the easiest way to get your dose of water sports. No equipment needed and as long as you’re on Samui, you can practice at any time. That said, there aren’t as many serious swimmers in the sea as you might think. They prefer the island’s swimming pools or waterparks for reasons of safety. At sea there are rip currents, Don’t miss out on Samui’s wonderful world of water sports.sudden strong currents and also times when jellyfish visit the island in considerable numbers. Even the strongest swimmers have been caught out by currents, so it’s best to keep close to the shore. Observe the red flags on beaches where they’re in use.

Jet-skiing is definitely the aquatic counterpart to motorcycling. These tiny craft skim across the sea guaranteeing a memorable dose of adrenaline. Be aware that the slightest damage to the jet-ski will be immediately charged, and that if you are a novice, it’s very easy to have an accident. Be aware of all the people in the sea – some may surface right in front of you. It’s certainly great fun and many people become addicted on their first go.


With plenty to do on the water whether you keep close to Samui or venture further afield, and a handful of sports to fill your days, any holiday here is a great chance to have plenty of aquatic fun, whether it’s simply snorkelling or diving or making your way through the water on a paddle board. If you indulge in some kind of water sport, it’s guaranteed that you’ll add a whole new dimension to your holiday.




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