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A better smile and great teeth thanks to Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic.

A better smile and great teeth thanks to Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic.

Out of all of Samui’s delights, visitors tend to mention the sunny climate, the beautiful sea and the relaxed island vibe here. Then there’s the food and drink, the resorts and all the fun activities. Few however mention the excellent dentistry. But why would they? Holidays and visiting the dentist don’t seem to sit well together in most people’s thinking. Even if they’re important, teeth are to be sorted out before or after a vacation, not during. But Thailand has long been attracting medical tourists – some one million a year – who undergo all kinds of operations, and not just routine ones either. It’s a trusted country for medical procedures. Many holidaymakers fit in visits at the dentist, and are happy to do so. And not just in Bangkok, but here too, right on Samui. Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic has for years been treating all sorts of dental ailments and providing a wonderful service.


More and more vacationers are swapping some of those indolent hours on the lounger for some at the clinic in the dentist’s chair. And this is done with no sense of fear or worry. Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic adheres to stringent international hospital regulations. Everything is hygienic and all the equipment is very thoroughly sterilized and entirely safe. When it comes to anaesthesia, you need have no fears at all – the team know exactly what they’re doing.


The clinic has established itself over the years as a focus of expertise on Samui. Drop in and you’ll see that the patients are a mix of islanders and visitors. Some have come for advanced surgical procedures, others for more routine treatments. In charge of the clinic is Dr Supaporn Metheethakerng, DDS. She’s a graduate of prestigious Chulalongkorn University, and trained in a government hospital on the mainland, before practising at Samui International Hospital, and has now been at Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic since 2009. Her team also comprises other dentists, A better smile and great teeth thanks to Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic.notably Dr Pawak Tungthamthum, who specializes on aesthetic restorative work as well as implants.


You may be wondering what you can have done during a holiday here on Samui. The answer is quite surprising. Even if you’re only here for a day or two, you’ll be able to do a check-up, teeth cleaning and/or whitening, as well as having routine fillings done. If you’re here for over a week to ten days, you can schedule in a crown or two or even a bridge.


Some patients come because of emergency situations. Maybe a tooth has cracked completely, a crown has fallen out or toothache has suddenly come out of nowhere – something unexpected, leaving the patient feeling very anxious and knowing they’re thousands of miles away from their regular dentist. It’s unlucky this should happen on holiday, but the clinic can usually set things right, and surprisingly fast. Even an initial root canal procedure can be done to take away the pain, and once the patient is back home they can continue. It’s very reassuring to know that on an island like Samui,A better smile and great teeth thanks to Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic. so much can be done to provide a solution. It all starts with a simple phone call, and since the clinic is open seven days a week and there’s an entire team working here, being seen by a dentist is a quick process. The clinic’s opening hours by the way are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. A further surprise is that the services offered won’t break your budget. They may well be cheaper than back home, but with no loss of quality. The dentists here are experts and the clinic is extremely well-equipped.


For more complex treatments, such as implants, some patients make trips to Samui several times in the year, and it’s often possible to schedule treatments around these visits. Completely new patients may write to the clinic’s email address (see below) and ask questions, schedule treatments and get an estimate of prices. In these cases, it’s helpful if they can provide some background information. X-rays can be sent as attachments and these will give Dr Supaporn a good idea of what’s involved.


Not all situations are emergencies. You can also improve how your teeth look. A popular treatment is teeth whitening. First teeth are given a polish, and then the dentist starts actual whitening procedure, which takes about 90 minutes. “On average most people’s teeth become six to eight shades lighter,” says Dr Supaporn. “It’s highly effective and patients are surprised with the results.” After the treatment your smile will be much improved and the whiteness will remain bright for two years but will decrease afterwards. This is why many people have the procedure repeated every few years.


If it’s time to take a break from the beach to look after your teeth, it need not be an onerous task. Thanks to Dr Supaporn and her team, visits are efficient and never time-consuming. It’s possible to get a lot done, even if you have limited time while on holiday.


Dimitri Waring


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