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 Visit Paul’s Fashion for the very best in bespoke clothing and shoes.

Visit Paul’s Fashion for the very best in bespoke clothing and shoes.

Many first time visitors to Samui are surprised to find quality tailor shops on this paradise island, but that surprise definitely becomes a pleasant one after availing themselves of the services of Paul’s Fashion, the leading professional tailor on the island.


Established in 2005, by Paul Subhedi, you’ll find them on Chaweng Beach Road, opposite McDonalds, offering business, casual and formal wear for both ladies and gentlemen. Now you may be wondering - why should you choose Paul’s Fashion over any other store? Well the answer is simple. They have been awarded the coveted TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for four years running, and their reviews on the site are completely positive. In fact they are so confident in their product (the high quality materials, design and workmanship), that they offer a quite outstanding guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your finished garments then you won’t have to pay a single baht until you are completely happy with your order.


As Paul himself says, “We have a cast-iron guarantee; if you are not happy with the final product, then you pay nothing.” You might think that is a very bold statement, but the TripAdvisor comments show that Paul is true to his word, praising the honest, trustworthy and exceptional service they receive. Furthermore, not one person has asked for a refund in all the years they have been in operation – not one!


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then head down to visit them. Paul and his team have many years of experience between them, and also keep up with all the latest trends and fashions – they have to, as that is what their customers are looking for. They will help you select the styles and materials that best compliment your body type, as well as being suitable for the purpose of the garment. You can discuss all your requirements right down to the smallest details including pockets, collars and buttons.Visit Paul’s Fashion for the very best in bespoke clothing and shoes. And if you aren’t sure of exactly what you are after, Paul and his team will be more than happy to guide you.


Begin by choosing your material. The fabrics come from a broker in Bangkok, who is always on the lookout for the best quality from around the world, at the best prices. Choose from premium, authentic 100% cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, wool and chiffon in a myriad of colours – definitely no cheap synthetic materials or blends here. Take your time to browse the rolls of fabric and feel the quality, and take inspiration from some of the suits and dresses on display.


The next stage is to record your measurements. It is important to be honest at this stage. If you hold everything in, you will end up with an illfitting and uncomfortable garment. The team at Paul’s Fashion are masters of their craft, and will tailor clothes to flatter, no matter your size or shape! Depending on your schedule, you will then come in for a fitting. At this point a template is made from your measurements, which needs to be tweaked. Move around as you normally would. Sit, stand, bend and twist to ensure a perfect fit. This will be followed by another fitting to check any adjustments – nothing is left to chance – before the finished garment is ready. And this is where you decide if you are happy with the final product. If you aren’t, Visit Paul’s Fashion for the very best in bespoke clothing and will be adjusted until you are or you will pay nothing!


The ideal time frame to complete an order from start to finish is three days, but it can be completed in 24 hours in urgent cases. Paul’s large team of patter-cutters and machinists are equal to any challenge! The shop is open daily from 10:00 am until 10:30 pm, and you can also avail yourself of the free pick-up service from anywhere on the island. But if you simply can’t drag yourself away from the beach or pool for that long, personal visits can be arranged to your hotel or villa. One of the partners will arrive armed with sample materials, designs and a trusty tape measure.


Most people who opt for Paul’s services become repeat customers, visiting when they return to the island or even ordering by email from overseas. This is possible because they will keep your measurements on file for up to five years. Delivery is via courier and can be with you in as little as four days. And for returning customers, free alterations and repairs are available.


There are many tailors on Samui, but none can boast the same level of customer satisfaction as Paul’s Fashion. A good quality bespoke suit or dress starts at 5,000 baht, depending on the style and fabric, and a shirt from as little as 1,000 baht. So if you want great-fitting, long-lasting garments at a fraction of the price you would pay back home, you know where to come!




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