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 Zip Line Lamai View Point offers great times out.

Zip Line Lamai View Point offers great times out.


Time spent at a view point on a tropical island is already a wonderful experience and there are a few on Samui. But this one offers more - a lot more. You can admire the views not from the safety of a platform, but as you speed over the jungle on an adrenaline ride that can only be beaten if you strap a pair of wings to your shoulders and actually fly. Zip Line Lamai View Point is a world in itself; you can spend quite a few hours here, yet there’s enough to do without even going near the two zip lines.

The view point is situated in a park-like area just south of Lamai as you head towards Ban Hua Thanon on the ring-road. Turn right immediately right after Makro and follow the road until you come to the View Point car park. Entrance to the gardens here costs 100 baht, and you can relax here, take a look at what’s called the Valentine Stone, named for its heart shape, and at the same time dip your feet in a pool where garrarufa fish will nibble away all the dead skin – they’re the same creatures that grace all the fish spas on the island.


Next you can either walk up concrete steps to a small café higher up or take the cable car (100 baht per person, per round trip). As you go, you’ll see more and more of the surroundings – the greenery of palms and other trees that soon merge with the town before everything abruptly stops at the coast, and a panorama of sea opens up along with the bays of Lamai on the left.


The café here is a large covered decking, and wherever you sit, you’ll be looking out at the views. It’s a very restful experience and plenty of guests come here for that alone. Drinks of all kinds are on offer, from a variety of coffees all the way through to cocktails, and there’s a choice of Thai food too.96-2


The main attraction, however, is set just a bit higher. Zip lining doesn’t require much in the way of experience - you can learn how to be proficient in about 10 minutes, as you practice on a very short stretch of line here, just a few metres long. You’ll have a harness, a very secure one that’s impossible to fall out of. The zip line you’ll be flying down is in fact two separate lines, made of woven metal and anchored into rock rather than trees. Total security is the name of the game here, and you can ride with an instructor if you so wish, the two of you linked together.


Movies make sliding on wires look relaxed – though it’s a James Bond kind of thing it’s the least jaw-dropping of stunts. But when it’s your turn, you’ll find that unless you’re a bungee-jumper or something similar, then you’ll feel a massive jolt of excitement as you look down the wires to your destination.


Ready to go? Take a breath and just launch yourself … it’s a 220 metre trip to the station, where an instructor awaits in case you forget to brake! Landings are soft – you can even do the zip lining barefoot. The next part of your journey awaits - another 220 metres to the final arrival point. It’s definitely a blast. Leave your phone with staff and they’ll be happy to video you or take pictures.


In case you’re still having doubts, the team here are totally professional when it comes to safety. If you are pregnant, or have had surgery (especially anything to do with bones) or have a heart condition, you’ll not be allowed to participate. Same goes if you’ve been drinking, of course.Zip Line Lamai View Point offers great times out. For anyone over 50, you’ll be asked a few supplementary questions.
The upper age limit is 75, and the lower is five (young children have to be accompanied by an instructor). Each visit to the two zip lines costs 800 baht per person (the park entrance fee is waived if you’re using the zip lines, by the way).


Speeding over the tree tops is definitely going to be a memorable experience, and you’ll be open to other aerial endeavours; there’s a whole airborne world out there filled with different sports and activities. This one is fun and always safe.


But as we said, you don’t need to avail yourself of the zip lines to have fun here. Just opened in October, you’ll find a restaurant above the café, serving the best of Thai and international foods. It’s a great place for dinner and is also available for all manner of parties, gatherings and events.


Some of Samui’s greatest charms are tucked away in the greenery and Zip Line Lamai View Point is definitely one of them. It puts a bit of extra magic into any holiday on the island and, whenever you’re ready, some inspired thrills too as you fly down the zip lines.


Dimitri Waring


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