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 Welcome to WOOBAR at W Koh Samui – more than just breathtaking.

 Welcome to WOOBAR at W Koh Samui – more than just breathtaking.


‘Wow!’ is the word that escapes everyone’s lips when they first see Woobar. Step through the atrium at W Koh Samui and you find yourself bewitched by this iconic bar that has the sky for a ceiling and the horizon for walls. It’s one of Samui’s most Instagrammed spots – it’s somehow virtually impossible to take a bad shot of the place - and so deservedly beautiful that people tend to momentarily forget what they came here for.

Once you’ve taken in the view, you’ll be drawn to Woobar’s décor. It’s bright, bold and above all creative, yet entirely easy on the eye. The design injects W Hotels’ signature New York energy into the bar with vibrant, chic furnishings and artwork by an international street artist, Alec Monopoly. The unique design of Woobar allows it to effortlessly morph from day to night. And apart from regular theme nights, the versatility of the space is ideal for presenting exciting one-off events, which W is justly famed for; unique W Happenings which bring you the best of creative talent and showcase innovations in the world of music, art, design and fashion.


But no matter if you come on a special occasion or not, and no matter what time of day or night it is, there’s one thing that’s sure: Woobar is made for lingering. It’s easy for time to slip away here while you’re kicking back and having a good time. And when it comes to putting those feet up, you’ll find seating at comfy tables, Welcome to WOOBAR at W Koh Samui – more than just the bar and even some that’s sunk down into the bar’s iconic pond. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. This is surely one of Thailand’s favourite bars, and everything has been lovingly thought out to provide you with great times. It’s the ultimate laid-back venue when it comes to bar life, but the food and drink here is no afterthought – everything’s as inspired as it is tasty.


Cocktails come in irresistible shapes and forms, and you can choose between the traditional and the entirely creative, with some directly inspired by Samui’s own heritage. Watch your drink being made by expert bartenders, and get ready for some seriously great tastes. You can find the menu, along with photographs, on Instagram - @woobarkohsamui. Deliciousness abounds. Just browse the offerings and you’ll see plenty that will tempt you. There’s a range of meat, fish and plant-based delights. You don’t, by the way,need to make a reservation to visit Woobar, though it’s always a good idea. Just turn up. But to get access,
 Welcome to WOOBAR at W Koh Samui – more than just’ll need to buy food and drink tickets to the value of 1,000 baht per person. For a simple drink head to the equally iconic The Kitchen Table, just downstairs.


But Woobar isn’t the only bar at W Koh Samui. Right by the sea, you’ll find Sip Bar, an ideal spot for chilling out. Sip is located on a spit of land that divides the island’s northern bays. It’s one of those rare bars that sit astride two separate coasts – the setting is wonderfully different. But that’s not the only way that this bar gets noticed. It’s also home to ‘Monday Night at the Movies’ with a film being shown at 8:00 pm, every Monday. It’s an outdoor event and a very laid-back one at that; grab a beanbag or daybed and enjoy the show, which is free. It’s completely dark by 8:00 pm, so if you’d like to enjoy watching the sun set over the two coasts, then come earlier, between 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm, and enjoy a Buy-One-Get-One-Free deal on Sip’s signature drinks.


If you’ve missed out on the Monday movie, come on Tuesday, the day for the weekly Sand, Sound, Sip evening, when a live DJ plays right on the beach. At the same time, treat yourself to exquisitely crafted cocktails and savour some of the best finger food around, thanks to W Koh Samui’s Japanese restaurant, Namu. The evening kicks off every Tuesday starting at 6:00 pm and with a fire show at 7:30 pm.


The inspired teams that underpin everything at W Koh Samui keep the mood vibrant, while Woobar and Sip’s brilliant settings are unparalleled for beauty and great views. Holidaymakers and residents alike love to come back again and again to W Koh Samui – and each time can expect some new variant on the wow factor.


Dimitri Waring


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