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 Discovering the world of bespoke clothing with Paul’s Fashion.

 Discovering the world of bespoke clothing with Paul’s Fashion.


Samui is well-known as a place to find tailored clothes, whether formal or informal. Wherever you go you’ll find dozens of tailors offering great deals. It’s a competitive world out there and unrivalled services are hard to find. It’s easier if you live, here but if you’re on holiday then spending hours checking out different tailors is probably not your idea of fun. You might just feel like giving up. But you shouldn’t, not before you’ve looked at one of the longest-standing tailors on Samui. For many residents, Paul Subedhi needs no introduction. He’s the brains, and the very skilled hands, behind the highly successful Paul’s Fashion.

He’s not the sort of tailor that you’ll meet standing just outside his door, chatting to passers-by with the aim of selling them something, and the quicker the better. In fact, you may not even see him inside his fashion shop at all, as he’s frequently out and about visiting his customers.


He realizes you may be a lot happier relaxing by your hotel swimming pool, so he’s perfectly prepared to come to you. “It’s part of the service I’m offering,” Paul says. “I’m happy to meet customers at hotels, villas and resorts – anywhere on the island, no matter how far away.” And in case you’re wondering - any and all fittings can be done at the customers’ accommodation, without a single visit to his store. Very few tailors are able to offer service of this kind. However, if you decide to visit Paul in his store, you might like to take advantage of the free round trip he offers – from any hotel or villa on Samui.


Paul is also marked out from his competition by the amazing peace-ofmind guarantee that comes with all the clothing he makes: Paul and his team only accept payment for finished products that his customers are happy with.
 Discovering the world of bespoke clothing with Paul’s Fashion. This guarantee is cast-iron and covers the service, materials used, the design, the workmanship and the fit – in short, everything. It’s an impressive promise and not one that many of his peers care to make. Check out what Paul’s Fashion customers say on TripAdvisor and you’ll find a very long list of happy clients who are happy to recommend him. In addition, Paul’s Fashion has been awarded the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for the last four years – no mean feat.


But how do you go about getting bespoke clothing? After all, this isn’t like choosing something from a rack and checking it out in front of a department store mirror. A lot of people approach it with some trepidation. There’s no need to, especially when you’re with experts like Paul and his team.


Whether you decide to go to the store (it’s on Chaweng Beach Road, just down from Central Festival and just before you reach The Library) or Paul comes to visit you, the process is exactly the same. It all starts with finding out not just what kind of clothes you would like, but also if they are to be formal or informal and what kind of climate you’ll be wearing them in.  Discovering the world of bespoke clothing with Paul’s Fashion.What you choose for Northern Norway will be very different from lighter wear for the tropics.


By the way, don’t worry if you have no real idea of what you want; you perhaps know you’d like some kind of suit or some shirts, but beyond that everything is vague. This is quite normal and Paul is used to helping you decide everything including colours, material, look, style and so on. He does this in a relaxed way and it doesn’t take long at all. He can give you as much guidance as you would like,
 but he’s equally good when it comes to working with designs you already have in mind. For example, if you’ve spotted something on the internet that takes your fancy, he can work from this. He also has many catalogues that you can browse through. He’s able to offer all kinds of materials from silk through to cottons and everything in between.


You might be thinking by now that given such excellent service that Paul’s Fashion is going to be expensive. Not so. Just as an example of how good the prices are, Paul can make you a suit for as little as 5,000 baht or a shirt for 1,000 baht.


One of the most sought-out tailors on Samui, Paul’s Fashion has a mission to offer great quality fashion at affordable prices. It certainly succeeds but has gone further yet to bring you intuitive designs in a very broad spectrum of reliable materials. Paul’s customers can look forward to having a very satisfying experience with a highly convenient service at every step of the way. Offering great prices, friendliness and professionalism, it’s no surprise that Paul has garnered so much praise over the years, and goes from strength to strength.


Dimitri Waring


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