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 Stacked Burger takes American eats to unbeatable new heights.
Stacked Burger takes American eats to unbeatable new heights.


Great food is beyond reproducing. Anyone can make a half way decent meal but it takes an expert to morph dishes into gourmet treats. Burgers and the like can be sumptuous in the hands of the right chef, and that’s why so many holidaymakers and island residents head for Stacked Burger. Here you’ll find the home of the very best American-style foods. Despite the name of the restaurant, only about half of the menu is even to do with burgers – there’s a lot going on at Stacked, as it’s usually called, that has nothing to do with meat patties. You’ll find a brilliant array of salads, steaks, seafood and plenty of other fare - all of it is tantalizingly delicious.


Stacked is an ideal setting when it comes to an elegant venue to eat, drink and socialize. You’ll find a large outdoor deck to sit out on and an indoor, air-conditioned dining room that has communal tables for larger parties, smaller ones for groups of family and friends, and plenty of more intimate seating options if you’re here with a romantic partner. The restaurant brings a funky yet contemporary vibe, is laid-back and convivial. Though it’s able to seat up to 185 diners at a time, it can get busy on some evenings, so it might be a good idea to make an advance reservation, especially if you are planning to come in a large group. Surprise and delight are chief hallmarks of Stacked. If you’re familiar with American food, you’ll see there’s nothing outlandish on the menu that stands out as odd or not belonging. As soon as you read the menus for food and drink, you know you’re in for an exceptional American dining experience. Chef Artit Santhamit, usually known as Chef Gai, takes epicurean versions of all-American staples to new heights. Judging from the praise he’s received, Chef Gai’s culinary take on American food has been wildly successful. As with any good restaurant, updates are in the pipeline, and in any case there’s always a promotion no matter which month of the year you drop by at Stacked.


Burgers are pristine affairs here and the patties are absolute top quality. They’re 100% hand-ground using Black Angus and Wagyu beef, which is imported from the best sources. What goes into them is simply a variety of freshly-ground seasonings, but absolutely no fillers or preservatives are used, ever. This makes for a burger that is mouthwatering and succulent. Try, for example, the ‘Hot Mama’, a generouslysized dish (as is everything here at Stacked) filled with jalapenos, cheddar, spicy bacon jam, aioli and salad – all served in a perfectly baked bun. Stacked Burger takes American eats to unbeatable new heights.Equally popular is ‘The Cowboy’, which consists of stacked barbecue smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, along with sauce, salad and this time served in a sesame bun. Both the above come with a wide choice of French fries.


Stacked Burger also offers plenty of other delights, for example, most diners’ favourite, Filet Mignon, a 225g pasture-fed New Zealand Black Angus. Everything is grilled to perfection according to your preference and choices of sides. You’ll also find lighter dishes, such as the pan-fried Alaskan Salmon, the vegetarian Fire Roasted Spaghetti, or the Spaghetti Marinara with fresh white prawns,
calamari and mussels.


When it comes to drinks, Stacked Burger has you covered for absolutely everything. You’ll find an extensive wine list, along with local, imported and craft beers. An unexpected find is the list of cocktails, with a selection that ranges from the classic to ultra-creations.


Stacked Burger is open daily from midday until late, with a list of bar food still available after the kitchen closes at 11:00 pm. There are ample parking slots located just next to the restaurant, at OZO Chaweng Samui. Stacked is located along the Chaweng Beach Road, a few hundred metres south of Central Festival.


Stacked Burger effortlessly channels the very best of beachside dining in a chic yet relaxed environment. With its laidback feel and excellent fare, everything here adds up to a complete and contemporary gourmet experience.


Dimitri Waring


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