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 Beachfront chic gets a makeover at Samui Palm Beach Resort.
Beachfront chic gets a makeover at Samui Palm Beach Resort.


Samui Palm Beach Resort is one of the island’s most long-standing top resorts, but visit it today and it all looks brand new. And that’s because it’s just been completely renovated. It’s kept all that ensures that its many repeat guests return to their home away from home, while giving its wow factor an added big boost. The results are extraordinary, making Samui Palm Beach the perfect place to enjoy a tropical holiday.


When you arrive at the lobby, you’ll notice immediately how Samui Palm Beach honours its past. A great deal of Samui’s culture references traditional southern styles from Nakhon Si Thammarat on the mainland. But that’s not all. Many Chinese settlers came from the island of Hainan and took refuge here on Samui. They brought with them their own customs and artefacts. Many Chinese traditions live on today, and that’s why, for example, when you arrive at Samui Palm Beach you’ll be offered chrysanthemum tea. It’s good for the health and carries with it the scents and tastes of the past. Other Chinese grace notes can be spotted; an ornate Chinese doorway, and here and there the artwork reflects the Sino-Thai traditions of the two islands. In the rooms themselves, you’ll find original paintings, each different and representing traditional Thai life. The fact that all of this mixes in so brilliantly with the contemporary design of Samui Palm Beach is testimony to the ingenious architects and interior designers that have made the resort such an inspiring destination.


The property is filled with the sights and sounds of nature; the accommodation is set in a lush green garden, one of Samui’s largest, and if you spend any length of time here you’re bound to see squirrels and various tropical birds. They all add their own charm to the locale. Samui Palm Beach fronts the sea, with the longest beachfront of any resort on the island.


There’s plenty to do at Samui Palm Beach by the way. And thanks to the friendly team who are in charge of activities, both in-house and outside. You may have your first scuba experience here, head off for a trip to the amazingly scenic marine national park or go on any number of cruises or excursions.Beachfront chic gets a makeover at Samui Palm Beach Resort.Naturally, you can simply head off on your own – staff will give you all the help and information that you need. At the resort itself, you can enjoy not just one but two swimming pools. The first is a massive free-form pool that’s the largest on Samui, while the other is right next to the sea. Both are focal points but so big that they’re never crowded. The pools also each have their own guard (this is unusual on Samui). In addition, there’s a Children’s Club too, so your little ones won’t get bored.


It’s a 15-minute drive to Chaweng, so all the restaurants and night life are easily accessible. Samui Palm Beach operates its very own free shuttle bus to Chaweng, making a round trip a cinch. Meanwhile there are plenty of restaurants, shops, convenience stores and massage places within a few minutes’ walk from the resort itself. And Fisherman’s Village,with all its food options, is just a 15 minute walk along the beach, or if you have a car, a couple of minutes’ drive. That said, lots of guests are content to spend most of their time at the resort, as there’s everything


you need right here. A new gym has just been added, as well as a resplendent beachside bar where you can have everything from an early morning cappuccino through to an evening cocktail, along with a range of tapas and other light bites,Beachfront chic gets a makeover at Samui Palm Beach Resort. all within metres of the sea.


Samui Palm Beach has plenty to satisfy hungry appetites. Trade Winds Restaurant sits just along the shoreline and offers the very best in all-day dining. You can sit out on comfy netting or on the terrace, while a dining room awaits if you’re in more of an indoor mood. Either way, you’re right by the sea.


Thanks to expert chefs, there’s an entire spectrum of Thai food and it’s possible to get a great oversight into the other culinary regions, too. You’ll also have the chance to join in with the sumptuous event nights and partake in wonderful barbecues with live entertainment. But no matter when you arrive at Trade Winds, you can be sure that everything’s highly tasty, with authentic recipes being used. The restaurant is a great believer in local dishes and is one place where you can try recipes beloved of Samui people and those living just over on the mainland. Some of these dishes can be quite fiery, but if you have a word with staff, they’ll be happy to tone down the spice elements. You can also naturally have a range of international foods too.


Samui Palm Beach and next door Celes Beachfront Resort have the same owners, and have joined forces to offer you the very best in hospitality. This means that you can avail yourself of Sea Grille Restaurant at Celes, and enjoy still more dishes, both Thai and international. Celes also welcomes you to its very chic and relaxing spa, where a whole array of treatments is guaranteed to leave you feeling in a state of bliss.


Samui is known for its pampering, but this is definitely one of its finest resorts. With all the pull to indolence and happy days that any decent hotel by the water should have, Samui Palm Beach manages to bring you still more and stands out, as it always has, from the crowds.


Dimitri Waring


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