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 The best sailing around with Samui Ocean Sports - now with added yoga!
The best sailing around with Samui Ocean Sports - now with added yoga!


If you want to explore the waters around Samui under sail power, then your first point of contact should be Samui Ocean Sports. The company is owned and operated by German native, Armin Kundke, or Kunta, as he’s been known since he was at school.


As a young man, Kunta, like all men in Germany, was ordered to do military service. Since he was a trained mechanic, it fell to him to repair tanks and trucks. Hardly a glamorous job, not that he was expecting one. But then the winter came. As you no doubt know, winter in Germany can be brutal, but this one took even the natives by surprise: temperatures fell to minus 22 degrees. In the worst of weathers, he was ordered to check on the tanks, make sure they were all working and to dig them out of the snow. It was 6:00 am in the morning. He started digging a route through to the snowed-in tanks and his feet started freezing. It was fairly unbearable, but instead of putting up with it, he vowed to himself that he’d do something about it. And so, at that precise moment, a dream was born: he vowed to himself that he’d go and live somewhere warm, and exchange his army boots for flip-flops – forever!


Having saved as much money as he could, Kunta set off to travel around Asia, eventually finding himself on Samui. This was the Samui of the late 1980’s, a very different place to that of today! He continued to travel, but found himself returning again and again, renting a small hut on Chaweng Beach for a few weeks at a time. This was kind of life he was looking for,The best sailing around with Samui Ocean Sports - now with added yoga!but without a steady income, there was no way to make the move permanent.


After a few trips back to Germany to work and make more money, he eventually did make the move, originally renting out surfboards and running a souvenir shop, before making enough money to buy his first boat. He started taking people out on charters, and gradually, over the years, he re-invested his profits and built up the number of yachts he has – there are now half a dozen.


Now with over 20 years’ experience of sailing in local waters, Samui Ocean Sports offers a variety of options from daily sunset cruises to trips lasting several days, and everything in between. You can opt for a fixed itinerary or discuss your requirements with Kunta and design your own.


The latest project that they are undertaking however is quite unique, combining sailing with yoga! Together with yoga expert Francie Fishman, who has taught and led retreats around the world, they are offering a five day sailing and yoga adventure cruise.


In groups of no more than eight people per boat, in order to keep the trips as private as possible, you will sail to some of the most secluded locations the Samui archipelago has to offer, to enjoy relaxed yoga sessions, meditation, and pranayama breathing techniques. It’s an exclusive but affordable way to explore this magnificent area. All levels of yoga experience are welcome, The best sailing around with Samui Ocean Sports - now with added yoga!and the program will be adapted to take into account each guests level to make sure everyone feels comfortable.


At anchor, you will have the opportunity to swim, explore the colourful reefs by snorkelling, grab a stand up paddleboard to paddle along the coastline, climb viewpoints or hike to the next waterfall. Or just relax, soak up the atmosphere, and enjoy reading a good book. Throughout the trip, you will enjoy delicious Thai cuisine with a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables to guarantee a healthy diet.


Accommodation can be on board or in beach bungalows if so desired, but who would want to pass up the opportunity to sleep on one of these delightful vessels. Geronimo is an elegant 44-foot modern classic yacht with a centre cockpit and very spacious interior. It is fully equipped for ocean cruising and comes with all modern navigation instruments. Her spacious aft and front cabin with ensuite bathrooms plus her big functional kitchen, navigation and lounging area inside makes her the ultimate choice for comfortable cruising. Dreamcatcher, meanwhile, is a


33-foot exclusive cruising catamaran fully equipped and specially designed for tropical sailing! It offers a large deck space with a unique combined open saloon and cockpit for outdoor living.


It’s truly an experience not to be missed. But if you don’t have time for such a long excursion, don’t let that put you off. As already mentioned, Kunta and Samui Ocean Sports offer all kinds of custom made trips, so get in touch and start planning one of your own!



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