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 Hitting the sweet spot at Mini Golf International.


Not many activities really turn out to be fun for all the family, but this one is the exception. It’s also equally fun for groups of friends and for couples. Everyone, in other words. Mini Golf International is a hugely popular way to take a break from the beach and the swimming pool while holidaying on Samui. People from all over the world come to play. Check it out for yourself - there’s a map on the wall with a pin for every visitor denoting where they have come from. It’s filled with pins. Not everyone comes from afar however, as the game is equally popular with Samui residents. Mini golf is quite an addictive game, and has become so popular on Samui that the course here boasts its own aficionados who have it as a weekly calendar fixture.


It’s a game that was invented a century ago, and has come to be seen almost as a classic variation on golf. It’s extraordinarily entertaining, and certainly a lot cheaper. You’ve probably played it already at some point. Mini Golf International is the brainchild of friendly Jürgen, more usually known as Jojo. He designed and built the course himself shortly after coming to Samui in 2003. It’s accredited by the World Mini Golf Federation, and as such it’s competition standard. It’s still one of the few places you can play mini golf in South-East Asia, and it was the first ever course to be built Thailand. The course on Samui is extremely well-planned and built. It’s also original, and since all mini golf courses in Thailand are patented, nobody’s allowed to copy it.


It may not be as hard as real golf, but don’t be fooled. This is a game that demands a high level of skill if you’re going to excel at it. And no matter whether you’re a child or adult, you’ll find it quite a challenge to get the ball into the holes. The course has 18 of them, and it’ll take a good hour to get round, longer if your party is a big one. The time, however,P94-2 just seems to slip by unnoticed as you’ll be totally absorbed. Mini Golf International is located in a beautiful garden, and just in case you’re wondering, it’s not too hot out here as there are trees offering plenty of shade. You’ll also find a well-appointed café bar with a choice of beers, soft drinks, snacks and sandwiches. But that’s not all.


It turns out that Jojo is a talented barbecue maestro. He has a designated barbecue area and can grill just about anything you care to mention. All you have to do is bring the meat or other fare a day in advance so that Jojo can prepare it (he makes some tasty marinades), and then the next day, simply return and after playing mini golf, your food will be ready.
 It’s definitely a fun and convivial way to eat. What’s even better is that if you opt to have a barbecue you receive in return a 25% discount on the already reasonable charges for playing. The only proviso is that everyone in your party must also play mini golf. There’s no charge at all for the cooking.


Meanwhile regular groups turn up during the week to play mini golf to relax and enjoy the ambience of the place. The gardens are extremely well tended and are a delight in themselves, making mini golf here on Samui a place for lingering – you can’t really say that about many courses.


It’s a welcome distraction and is easy to get to. You can find Mini Golf International just up a lane at the petrol station on the main road in Choeng Mon. Simply follow the signs. Mini Golf International is open every day from 9:00 am until dark.


Mini golf is one of the cheapest ways to spend time here on Koh Samui, and is far from being just a game for children, as some might think. This is definitely one of those activities that brings out the sense of fun in people of all ages and you’re bound to enjoy this intricate course.



Dimitri Waring


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