Samui Wining & Dining
A Warm Welcome
1Yes, it’s August again. And that means it’s Samui’s mini high season. A time when the island sees lots of visiting families from Europe and America during their lengthy school summer holidays.

And after the bleak last couple of months, when Thailand’s tourism dipped severely due to political unrest in Bangkok, Samui’s resorts, restaurants and other businesses are looking to welcome these holidaymakers with open arms. You can be sure that there’ll be deals a-plenty being offered to tempt us all into each and every place. And what could be better than that?

It would take more than a few different coloured shirts to keep visitors away from this beautiful country for long. And especially from Samui, which has never been directly involved in any conflict anyway. Over the years, the island has developed into a popular worldwide

destination offering something for people of all budgets. Accommodation ranging from basic beach huts through to 5-star luxury suites, and restaurants providing everything from 40 baht plates of noodles with a free beaker of water through to 7-course gourmet dinners with vintage wine paired to each dish. And it’s this wide-ranging appeal that helps make Samui such a vibrant and cosmopolitan place to visit.

More and more amenities are being provided every year with plans for more to come. Marinas, water-parks and sports stadia are just a few of the many exciting new projects in the pipeline that’ll guarantee Samui’s continued growth as one of the world’s must-visit destinations, whatever colour shirts they’re wearing in Bangkok!

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