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3As usual, there’s a lot happening on the island in May and June. But this year sees the added excitement of having Samui Regatta’s 10th anniversary celebrated with week-long racing (and partying) from 30th May through to 4th June (see article on page 16). And whether you’re out on the yachts in the midst of the seafaring action or joining in the après racing fun in the island’s top restaurants and bars at night, it’s sure to be great fun all round.


And in this action-packed edition of Samui Holiday Magazine you’ll also find interesting articles about all manner of Samui-related activities and events. Amongst which there’s a fascinating story about the local buffalo fighting contests (it’s OK, they don’t get hurt!) and also a revealing feature about the smart sophisticated local girls who’ve been to Bangkok and beyond for their education and are now back running their family businesses with international professionalism.


We also get to learn the secrets of looking after sun-ravaged skin, courtesy of Jo Rowkins, the Executive Health Consultant at The Spa Resort. Plus, we have an insider’s view of the incredible life of a ‘ladyboy’ who’s working in one of Samui’s top cabaret shows. And we discuss the right and wrong ways of bargaining in Thailand (it really does help to smile!).


Then there’re restaurant and spa reviews, advice on how to save your priceless holiday photos and information about two of the island’s leading associations – the Samui Culinary Circle (SCC) and the Tourist Association of Koh Samui (TAKS). Not to mention an insight into the full range of medical services available at Bangkok Hospital Samui, and a feature about Morya – the island’s premier pharmacists.


And on top of all that, there’re articles about the friendly little lizards you’ll find on every wall here; bananas and the different varieties available; a world-famous Sri Lankan tea producer that’s supplying the various blends for Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa’s fabulous new Le Salon de Ti; and, finally, a story about a new phenomena that’s sweeping the island – pedestrians-only ‘walking streets’.


So, as you can see, there’s a lot more happening on this tiny little island languishing in the hot tropical sun than anyone would possibly imagine. I just hope you manage to find the time to read this!


Happy holidays,


Steve Taylor



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