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The perfect combination of spa bliss and dining delight at Six Senses Samui.


Making SenseIn everyone’s holiday there’s a special day. It might be a birthday. Or an anniversary, perhaps. Then again, it could be the last night before going home. Or it might simply be the morning when your partner looks at you with a smile and says, “I’ve got a real treat lined up for us today.”


And it has to be said that Samui now has a lot of treats on offer. They come in all shapes and sizes, textures and tastes, but one of the most luxuriously lavish is undoubtedly a combined spa and dining package at the legendary Six Senses Samui.


Samui’s ‘Six Senses’ is part of the exclusive Six Senses Resorts & Spas group; these are select resorts situated in what’s considered to be some of the world’s most beautiful locations. You’ll find these secluded hideaways located in The Maldives, Oman, Jordan, Vietnam and Thailand. Including, of course, the one on Samui that’s tucked away in Samrong Bay at the most north-easterly tip of the island.


If you’re expecting something à la Las Vegas, you’ll most probably be upset. Six Senses Samui’s outlook and approach to hospitality isn’t limited to the physical elements of the resort, such as natural woods and fabrics, it extends to the staff that you’ll meet, too. Sorry; I should have said ‘hosts’. The resort has a lateral structure of team interaction, and everyone you’ll meet is a ‘host’, has a voice in management policies and is also carefully hand-selected, based as much on their disposition and personality as on their qualifications and experience. And, when you realise that the hosts outnumber their visitors by something like three-to-one, you’ll grasp the importance that’s placed on the quality of service here. It’s friendly, happy and appears to be relaxed, but it’s actually some of the most attentive and informed that you’ll come across – anywhere.


Along with all the other amenities that you’d expect in a resort of this calibre, you’ll also discover a wonderful spa that’ll take your breath away (in some senses that might depend on the treatment you’re having!) and a restaurant, ‘Dining on the Rocks’, that’s often been described as ‘one of the most dramatic and beautiful restaurants in the world’. And, if you combine a spa package with a moonlit dinner ‘on the rocks’, you’ll very quickly find yourself in that rare and ethereal state where tomorrow seems a million light years away and life couldn’t get much better.


Everything here is knitted-in with nature. Meaning that, when you wander through the spa and past the various treatment rooms, you’ll lose your bearings. You won’t be sure quite where you are, as you cross the wooden walkways through the rampant vegetation and drop to a lower level … and then another. There are five indoor salas, another five outdoor plus two steam rooms and two saunas, all linked together by walkways and terraces. And just about everywhere, there’s the orientating spangled vista of light across the water, far below, looking out across the north coast and the far-away temple with the golden statue of Big Buddha.


To go into the details of the entire spa menu would fill a magazine. Suffice to say that there are rejuvenating and pampering treatments, a wide range of massages, and a holistic program including complementary activities such as Pilates and Yoga. But the first thing that’ll happen when you arrive is that you’ll be greeted by the articulate and highly experienced Wellness & Spa Manager, Khun Keerana Sripongpunkul (nicknamed ‘Khun Kae’). And, over a herbal drink matched to your own Chinese star-sign, she’ll enquire about possible allergies, injuries or prescribed medication and identify any areas of your physiology that might be sensitive for some reason, before handing you over to your therapist.


Unless you already have a specific program or treatment in mind, then it’s advisable to go for one of the selected ‘signature’ treatments. Possibly the most luxuriously-wicked of these is one of the ‘4 Hands’ options where you’ll be subject to two therapists working on you simultaneously with, or without, the hot stones element. Then there’s the ‘Retreat’ or the ‘Fusion’ massages, which ingeniously combine the gentle ‘against-the-joint’ aspects of a traditional Thai massage with the Western approach of flexing and stretching. And each of these is set in a gently air-conditioned, self-contained wooden suite, or an open sala, with a sweeping sea view towards the sunset sky.


Yes, sunset. Because, although you’re welcome to arrive earlier and spend more time relaxing between your spa session and your dining experience, coming here between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm offers the best of both worlds. First, the sublime sensation of your massage, against a picture-postcard backdrop, and then a gentle buggy glide up to Dining on the Rocks, as the last glowing embers fade from the sky.


This award-winning restaurant is dramatic-yet-simple in design and offers some of the most delicious and innovative New Asian Cuisine to be found anywhere – guests have been known to fly from Hong Kong and Singapore specifically to dine here. In essence, it’s a collection of ten weathered teak decks that are set on different levels on the rocky hillside and interlinked by wooden walkways. In reality, it’s simply stunning! The cuisine, much like the spa menu, is diverse and innovative. And the resort’s Executive Chef, Khun Alongkorn Seanganant (otherwise known as Khun Goff), creates constant surprises with his creative combinations of flavours and textures. The menu itself, along with a choice of over 350 different wines, needs more than a little navigation.


Which is where Executive Food & Beverage Manager, Juliane Pach, will be on hand to guide you. “We often recommend the set menus, either the ‘5 on the Rocks’ or the ‘6 for the Senses’,” she explains. “But if you’ve just had a spa treatment then you’d probably feel easier with a selection of items from the à la carte menu instead.”


All of this is flexible and a ‘special treat’ all by itself, never mind combining it with a spa session! Each of the main courses comes in two sizes, as a starter or a main, and there’s nothing to stop you making a meal of several ‘starter-sized’ dishes, if you wish. There are extensive vegetarian choices, too, and also the recommended option of pairing a glass of wine with each dish.


Yes, when it comes to special days on the island, having a spa/dining experience at Six Senses Samui really takes some beating.


Rob De Wet


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