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Page-3It’s that time of year again. A period when there seems to be celebrations taking place or being prepared for everywhere you go. And it all kicks off in Thailand on the 28th November when the whole country immerses itself in the famous Loy Krathong festival.

This is the occasion when everybody gathers at sources of water (the sea, rivers and lakes, etc.) and launch (loy) meticulously decorated small ‘floats’ (krathong) as a token of thanks to the water spirits for supplying the previous year’s water. Although most of the local Thai people will have spent hours, if not days, creating these mini works of art, there are always plenty for sale along the streets, so everyone can join in the fun. And the spectacle of thousands of candlelit krathongs floating off into the darkness of the night will be one that you’ll remember forever.

Then in December we have Christmas (it’s widely celebrated here, even though Thailand’s population is predominantly Buddhist) and New Year’s Eve. Most of the larger hotels/resorts will be hosting festive and gala dinners and parties (complete

with magnificent fireworks displays) to mark the occasions and their doors will be wide open to outside guests – just make sure to reserve your places early.

But there’s more to November and December on Samui than just those three days. With so many exciting things to do and places to see, every day here is worthy of celebration.


Happy holidays!


Steve Taylor



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