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Prasuthon Restaurant at Nora Beach Resort & Spa offers great food in a beautiful setting.


Some resorts just nail the holiday ambience. They have all the right elements, and as soon as you step foot in them you forget all about your city woes. Things like local wooden carvings and native architectural features help, as does a great live band. Nora Beach Resort & Spa is one such hotel that has all those things and much, much more.

      Located just north of Chaweng, on an idyllic stretch of beach, ‘Nora Beach’ is a luxury resort that you instantly feel at home in. And every Wednesday and Saturday, its beachside eatery, Prasuthon Restaurant, really comes alive, offering diners an extra-special evening of buffet fare and live performances.

        Local wooden beams and ornate Thai arches tower above the dining space. It echoes the local culture effortlessly, and in the background you can see people enjoying some happy hour drinks at the swim-up bar. The tables are all made from heavy wood, and are decorated with candles, creating a romantic ambience.

          Wednesday is the day of the Beach BBQ at Prasuthon, which kicks off at 6:30 pm with welcome cocktails and finger food. The cocktails are proudly served in large punch bowls, labelled not only with the name of the drink, but also the ingredients that

have gone into it. The Prasuthon Cooler, for example, is a wonderfully refreshing concoction of vodka, Blue Curaçao, Orange Curaçao, orange juice, lime juice and syrup. And the finger food

includes tasty bites like crispy parcels with sweet chilli dip and crackers with duck and caviar.

          The band plays holiday tunes as guests sip away at colourful drinks, while chatting and taking in the beautiful beachside ambience. Flame torches and floral arrangements are set up on the sand, along with dining tables and a long line of buffet trays filled with delicious food. But before the diners are seated, they’re treated to a fantastic fire dance performance on the beach set to energetic music.

          Then at 7:00 pm the buffet begins. Rectangles of herbed bread sit warming alongside a large heated pot of asparagus cream soup. And then there’s a salad bar as well as fresh sushi and tempura vegetables and prawns. For main courses there’s duck in orange sauce and red snapper with vegetables. Desserts include a rich chocolate pot served with quarter of a strawberry and chocolate sticks, tiramisu, fresh fruit, and ice cream.

          During dinner there are cultural dances, with numerous different styles of movement incorporated, including Hawaiian and tribal dances. Towards the end there’s also a comedy act, which always has the audience in stitches. To finish off, the dance group brings out a limbo stick, and after a few attempts at doing it themselves, walk around the restaurant allowing guests to give it a go too. Then, after all is said and done, and the remaining guests chat quietly over coffee and wine, the band take over again to serenade the diners, table to table, taking requests.

          Saturday sees another International buffet but this time the entertainment takes the form of a cabaret show. Fantastic costumes and elaborate performances wow the diners. The cabaret group hails from Phuket and take to the stage for a full 45 minutes, where they perform five numbers. The whole evening lasts from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

          The à la carte food that’s available on any other night of the week, follows the theme of East meets West, although it mainly focuses on Thai food, in order to be true to the local cuisine. The fresh seafood basket is a popular order, where you can opt to have a bottle of white wine along with it for a special discounted price. In the basket you can find snapper, blue crab, squid and prawn. Calamari and tom yum goong are often served as a starter for the seafood basket, after which you move on to the mains (those aforementioned seafaring goodies) and then dessert, which is fresh local fruit.

          All of the ingredients used in the cooking at Prasuthon are made fresh, even the curry pastes, which really enhances their flavour and fragrance. Executive Chef, Khun Sitthichai, has been with Nora Beach since its pre-opening, so he’s an expert at creating the dishes that resort-goers like to eat; a perfect balance between Thai and Western.

          And the ambience is something special at Prasuthon. Because it’s been open for eight years now, the management know exactly what the resort’s guests want. Everything works like a well-oiled machine. The staff are very professional, ultra friendly and smiley too. This, along with the atmosphere, great food and fantastic performances, all come together to make for a truly memorable dining experience.


 Christina Wylie


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