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Samui Lapidary has been supplying the island’s visitors with finely crafted jewellery for 26 years.


Khun Lek is a very dynamic woman. Long before Samui became known as one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations she saw the potential and opened her first jewellery store on the island 26 years ago. In fact it was not only her first store, but Samui’s first jewellery store too. She grew the business to five stores in Nathon, before amalgamating into the one superstore that can be found on the ring-road at the western end of Maenam opposite The Farmer Restaurant – which, by the way, she owns too.

      Fine jewellery should be bought in a fine setting, and that’s what you get when visiting Samui Lapidary. The building’s interior is opulent, with antique furniture, showcases of black, gold and glass housing the vast array of jewellery, and air-conditioning hoping to lure customers longer. Not that you’ll want to leave as all that dazzles draws your eye closer. Khun Lek is

actively involved in the design process, and it’s clear she has a love of jewellery – but then again, most ladies do. Thailand is justifiably famous for the skills of its precious stone craftsmen and Samui Lapidary stocks precious and semi-precious stones set in yellow and white gold as well as silver.

          The store’s styles are both modern and classic, simple and intricate, so no matter your taste you’ll find something that tempts you. And if you see something, but want it altered, or even a completely different design, that’s no problem as there are qualified goldsmiths on site to do just that. A custom design will take four to five days to complete including fittings, so be sure to visit the shop at the beginning of your holiday to ensure enough time to create your personalised masterpiece.

          Browsing through Samui Lapidary, it’s as though a rainbow has been captured in the showcases. Thailand is a rich source of precious and semiprecious stones, and other unique ones are sourced from around the world. Blue sapphires come from Sri Lanka, but there are also unique orange sapphires from South Africa, and deep yellow and pink ones too. You’ll find classic white diamonds, but also black, purple and blue too. The black diamonds look particularly good set with the pearls from Tahiti. Tanzanite is sourced from (you guessed it) Tanzania and blood red rubies come from Myanmar.

          Whether it’s a ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet or earrings you’re looking for, there’s a wide selection at Samui Lapidary. Designs range from fine and intricate to bold and flamboyant. The semi-precious stones include blue topaz, amethyst, aquamarine and tsavolite - a relatively new gemstone in terms of market exposure, but in terms of geological history it is extremely old. It’s a green variation of a garnet, and the rocks in which it formed were first laid down over two billion years ago. It’s found in Tanzania and Madagascar, but nowhere else on earth to date. What could be more romantic than a superb, flashing green gemstone that was in existence long before dinosaurs walked the earth?

          As well as having Samui Lapidary for 26 years on Samui, Khun Lek has a jewellery store in Southeast Asia’s other tourism hotspot, Bali. Mayang Bali in Kuta Square has been in operation for 17 years, proving that between the two stores, Khun Lek has an eye for selecting prime locations and providing a quality product.

          In her monthly visits to Bali, Khun Lek brings back other artefacts, which she displays on the second floor of the store in Maenam. Other than jewellery, you can purchase select souvenirs at Samui Lapidary too. Choose from Thai silk products, ceramic souvenirs, wood carvings and paintings, all from Thailand or Bali. And with so much trashy copy merchandise available, it’s far better to be able to buy something meaningful that will make you remember your Samui holiday every time you wear or use it.

          If transport is an issue, not to worry as Samui Lapidary provides a transfer service from any resort on the island free of charge. And, as an added incentive, anyone that spends 50,000 baht in Samui Lapidary gets a voucher for 500 baht to dine at The Farmer Restaurant and Bar, right across the road. Spend 100,000 baht, and get a 1,000 baht voucher. It’s well worth popping in to the Farmer while you’re there, voucher or no voucher. The food is fantastic, with large portions of authentic Thai cuisine with their own special touch. And as a pleasant change from a beach scene, the tables overlook Samui’s only rice paddies – which also produce the rice for the restaurant.


 Rosanne Turner



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