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Amari Palm Reef Koh Samui’s Breeze Spa takes a fresh approach to spa treatments.


Going to a spa should be fun. But sometimes for newbie spa-goers the experience can be a little daunting – not knowing what to expect, not sure what to book, and not knowing spa protocol on arrival. Breeze Spa, part of Amari Palm Reef Koh Samui at the northern end of Chaweng, has taken all the stress out of choosing a treatment, as after all, most of us visit a spa to overcome stress!

      Rather than having one signature treatment, Breeze Spa has chosen five massages to ‘put the bounce back into your step’ as Spa Manager, Khun Pae, explains. The guest questionnaire to be completed on arrival, asks, amongst other things, “How do you feel at this moment?” (tired, stressed, relaxed, refreshed, tense) as well as, “How would you like to feel after the treatment?” (ready to sleep, peace and serenity, blissful and rejuvenated, refreshed and invigorated or unwind and energised). Depending on how the guest feels on arrival, as well as how they hope to feel after the treatment, the therapist will recommend one of the five mood massages, clearly explained with quirky bylines in the brochure.

       The ‘Dreamy – Take it E-Zzzz’ massage allows you to leave the busy world behind as calming sounds, hypnotic aromas and long, flowing massage strokes send you into a state of complete and utter tranquillity. This is the ideal massage for jetlag, or after a busy day when you’re ready to drift away.

          If you’re feeling the knots and kinks from tension and stress, then perhaps the ‘Serene – No Worries’ massage is the best option for you, as it allows you to lie back and let it all go. Long strokes and palm pressure stretch the muscles and iron out all the knots.

          A lymphatic drainage massage used with carefully selected essential oils speeds up the removal of toxins and build-up from stress, pollution and modern day life. The ‘Rejuvenate – Let it Glow’ massage leaves you looking and feeling radiant and lively, ready to take on any challenge.

          Put it in a bubble and blow it away. That’s what we should do with problems we cannot solve. Not always so easy to do without a little help, so the ‘Invigorated – Past Tense’ massage was created especially for those who want to leave their chronic tension in the past. This is a firm massage that targets the areas where pressure builds up, forcing out the tension and releasing feel-good endorphins.

          Enjoy the benefits of ancient Thai massage practices with the ‘Energised – Thai the Knot’ massage. Traditional Thai herbs are placed into a hot compress, releasing wonderful aromas and heat to help you loosen up. You’re then stretched, contorted and kneaded with Thai massage techniques to unwind the knots and increase blood flow, resulting in a newfound energy

          Each of the signature mood massages, which are available as either a 60- or 90-minute treatment, is followed by a cup of warm tea, specially brewed to match the mood. These teas, as well as the Pañpuri range of spa products are also available for sale. Everything at Breeze Spa is bright, cheerful and, well – breezy, from the reception area to the treatment rooms, as well as the spa staff themselves. Even the ‘slippers’ given to guests to wear are a bright turquoise blue and transparent, with soles that massage the feet as you walk to your treatment room. They’re available for sale too, ideal for walking Chaweng’s shopping strip!

          Keeping with the theme, there’s a selection of mood scrubs too, which tie in with the corresponding massage. Of course there are manicures and pedicures too. Choose from ‘The Quickie’, perfect for before a special event or romantic dinner, or if you have more time to indulge, ‘The Works’, which includes an exfoliating scrub and reflexology massage.

          Nothing gives that holiday glow quite like a good facial, and at Breeze Spa, two cosmetic ranges are available. There are the aromatic botanicals of Pañpuri or the innovative science of Comfort Zone. Your therapist will assist in choosing the range, as well as facial technique best suited to your skin, age and lifestyle. There’s a choice of body treatments too, including wraps and anti-cellulite treatments.

          For those in a rush, a treatment from the ‘Pick-me-ups’ range is ideal – short 30-45 minute treatments, perfect for a quick energy lift or as an add-on to another treatment. Choose from massages, get hot and steamy in a steam bath, or let the bubbles carry your worries away in a spa bath.

          Khun Pae recommends choosing a spa package, whereby various treatments are combined into two-hour, leisurely three-hour or decadent four-hour sessions. Each package can be customised with a choice of mood massages, mood scrubs and facials, as well as extras and add-ons according to taste.

          What’s great about Breeze Spa too, is that there are no hidden costs, as the service charge and tax are included in the advertised rates. As with most spas, it’s advisable to arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment so that you’re not rushed, and don’t lose any valuable treatment time filling out forms and prepping to be pampered.

          Guests not staying at the resort are more than welcome to visit Breeze Spa, so should you be enjoying Chaweng, take time to ‘breeze in’ for a treatment, even if it’s just a quick ‘Pick-me-up’.


 Rosanne Turner



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