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Thousands of expats have bought homes on Samui over the last two decades. Some of them now choose to live here full time and others use their houses and villas as an additional source of income by renting them out. And that decision has a major impact on the best way to furnish and decorate your home. But, as with anything that requires more than a cursory thought, it often pays dividends to get help from a professional. And that’s where Oriental Living come in.

      The moment you walk through the doors of Oriental Living you are guaranteed a warm, friendly, relaxed, individual personal experience, that’ll leave you feeling inspired. Located in Maenam, about 500-metres from the post office, their contemporary creative designs are visible from the street, enticing you inside.

       And they have now expanded to open a further branch over in Phuket. But despite being in two separate locations, they’ve managed to integrate both teams to create one big family. The whole operation consists of 12 sparkling personalities that’ll dazzle you with their designs. All your expectations will not only be met, but exceeded by the creativeness that the team offers.

          One of the newest, but very capable and experienced, members of the team is Franz Gutierrez. He’s been fascinated with architecture and interior design ever since he was a young boy, and this is definitely demonstrated in the state-of-theart, cutting edge designs that he creates. His skills and knowledge have been gained not only through his interior design University course, and his previous working history in various related fields, but also through his friends and family. They’ve encouraged him in many different aspects, including giving Franz the opportunity to carry out their personal renovations, as a means to practice his interior design skills. He was originally based in the Phuket store, although he’s constantly back and forth, offering his ideas and creativeness in order to help aid and support the team on Samui.

          Despite being just over a year old, Oriental Living in Phuket has already become a popular establishment. The whole team comes together and treats each other as family, and that’s something you’ll want to be a part of when it comes to meeting your design needs. Sometimes the language barrier can be a problem here in Thailand, but not at Oriental Living. All of the team are very competent Thai and English speakers, and they now have another new member, Olga. She’s responsible for the sales and marketing to Russian clients, again based in Phuket, but very flexible and easily accessible to the Samui branch as well. The huge influx of Russian expats in both places has made a native Russian speaker an essential addition to their well-established team. Plans for the future include, the possibility of adding to the business by opening up a third store in Bangkok, spreading the Oriental Living dream even further.

          Oriental Living’s motto is ‘the home of inspired interiors’, and whatever your décor requirements are, the team will work together to help make any project a success.


 Kathy Ross



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