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Psylo opens another Samui store in the new Central Festival Shopping Centre.


People the world over tend to want to be fashionable, they shop at stores to make sure they wear the latest fashions, which then get discarded in favour of the next season’s outfits. But why follow the crowd? Wouldn’t you rather wear clothes and accessories that never go out of fashion, which you can wear year in, year out? Be individual! Be yourself! Get noticed!

        If you’re not familiar with Psylo, you’re missing out. Their clothes are so unusual; you’ll need hours to browse their clothing collection, accessories, and shoes. The key to the Psylo look is originality and, over time, their clothes have developed into a fusion of urban street wear, with a strong underground and ethnic tribal influence and a dash of punk. Psylo style is influenced by tattoos, primal body art and sacred symbolism, all combined with a modern manifestation of fashion.

        Psylo rebels against society’s fashion rules. Walking around their shop, you’ll see studded wrist bands, men’s shirts with uneven printing, skewed zips and rugged edges. You’ll see flaps and straps, studs and slits. Jackets with hoods and furry lined waistcoats, boots with buckles and stiletto boots with wrapping laces. Some of the women’s dresses have uneven hems or criss-cross straps on the back showing just enough of the back to be sensual but not enough to cross that ever fine line between cheap and elegant. Lace detail in shirts, tunic tops with asymmetric lengths, external stitching, studs and diagonal zips. Their clothes really do have to be seen to be appreciated. The designs are wonderfully different from what you’d find in a standard clothing shop.

         So what is different? Well … everything! As usual, they have a new collection coming in and that will be available in the shops at the end of February. It’s the Summer collection so it will include some strappy dresses; button-up dresses; shorts; flimsy skirts; mini-skirts; light jackets; T-shirts; waistcoats; long and three-quarter length trousers, and much more. Expanding on their already successful previous lines, these new designs are fresh, beautifully tailored and wonderfully unique, but that’s Psylo.

          And what better time to announce that they will be opening yet another shop (their fourth in the world, with talk of a further one opening in Mexico!) in the new Central Festival Shopping Centre due to open in Chaweng at the end of March. An exciting time for Psylo and we spoke to the Samui branch manager, Joel Nagar, who excitedly shared pictures of the unique shop fittings and decor which are so very in keeping with the whole Psylo concept.

          They’ve acquired a whole load of antique fittings which they are restoring. They’re being cleaned up and repaired; the old rustic look is exactly what fits in with the concept. Their idea is that beauty lies in things that aren’t shiny and new; things that are roughed up and tell a story; things which speak about experiences and character. You’re not going to find that with items that have come off a mass production line in China.

          Turkish-style hanging lanterns, antique wooden carvings, picture frames, an old water pump and even an ancient sewing machine, all these things will be part of the decor. Huge mirrors with beautiful carved wooden frames, painted wooden columns, and even an antique wall from an old house - each piece will be lovingly restored and used in the new shop. This fits in so well with Psylo’s concept of being both ecologically friendly, being green and sticking to their ‘no waste’ policy.

          In a further attempt to be ‘responsible for the environment’, they are now moving to completely organic fabrics. And when you see the models in their brochures and online, you’ll see they’re not caked in make-up. Everything about Psylo is natural, it’s about being you, 100% naturally you.

          Due to the ever-increasing popularity of their clothing range, their children’s range has now been expanded. In the new shop in Central, there will be a section dedicated to children’s clothing, so now your children can learn to express their individuality from a young age and grow up being comfortable in their own skins (and clothes!). You’ll find the same fantastic designs but in lighter, brighter colours. So make sure you make time to visit Psylo and step out of your fashion comfort zone. l


 Colleen Setchel


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