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The Spa Resorts in Lamai offer several detox and rejuvenation packages

– a great kick-start to a healthier lifestyle.


Mention the words ‘detox package’, and most people picture the money falling out of their wallets as fast as the toxins are supposed to be escaping their bodies. Yes, it’s true that many detox and health retreats do charge a small fortune for their programs, but that’s not the case with The Spa Resorts – with two branches in Lamai as well as one in Chiang Mai and another in Koh Chang.

        The Spa Samui Beach Resort is located at the northern end of Lamai beach, and was Thailand’s first destination health spa, opening to the health-conscious traveller nearly 20 years ago. Due to its popularity, a second resort, The Spa Samui Mountain Retreat, was opened in 2002, in the hills of Lamai. Here, guests can enjoy panoramic views amid tropical gardens, and a shuttle service connects them to the beach resort as well as Lamai town. Both the beach and mountain retreats offer detox cleansing, yoga, raw food classes, and free meditation classes. It’s possible to stay on a bed and breakfast only basis at either retreat, and enjoy delicious and healthy meals at the beach resort’s Radiance Restaurant, but it’s the wellness packages that most guests sign up for.

        Accommodation is booked separately to the detox packages, meaning that you can tailor your stay according to your budget. Choose from modest A-frame bungalows on the beach, spacious bungalows and rooms at both the mountain and beach retreats as well as private villas near the beach.

         If you’ve never tried detoxing before, the ‘First Time at the Spa Seven-day Clean-me-out’ program is a good choice. It’s the ultimate in cleansing and rejuvenation of your entire system. As a first timer, you’ll get a ‘how to’ video on starting the cleansing program, and the staff are on hand to assist with any questions. You’ll receive daily video programs on cleansing and nutrition, and you’re able to join in with a morning meditation class, allowing you to not only cleanse the body, but the mind too. There’s a complimentary steam bath to enjoy on arrival, or at any time during your stay.

          Your detox package will include intestinal cleansers and herbal nutrition tablets to be taken five times per day, and one flora grow capsule daily. Detox guests enjoy five specially prepared detox drinks and two mineral broth soups per day. The part that makes most newbie detoxers anxious is the colon cleansing, but a demonstration video, and the privacy of self-administration removes a lot of the anxiety at the thought of this procedure. The package includes twice-daily colon cleansing using The Spa’s ‘colema board’ enema system, as well as your own personal colema tip and lubricating gel. Filtered water is provided both for drinking, as well as for the colonic cleansing system.

          Once you end your fast, a special replacement lacto-bacteria/ acidophilus implant enema, as well as two flora grow lactobacteria/ acidophilus drinks are provided to break the fast. Some natural herbal laxative tea is on hand, just in case you need it when you start eating again.

          The Spa recommends a minimum eight to ten night stay to make the most of the fast and recovery time. You may however find ten to fourteen days are ideal to enjoy the after-cleanse menu at Radiance Restaurant.

          The above program will set you back only 14,000 baht, excluding accommodation, which ranges from 950 baht to 3,500 baht per night, across the accommodation types (apart from the private villas).

          For those that want a quick pick-me-up, and have limited time, the ‘Semi-Fast’ three-and-a-half day program is ideal. It’s also suited to those who’ve not properly prepared for a full seven-day fast with pre-cleansing. Much of the same is provided as with the seven-day program, including the videos, meditation, steam bath, daily intestinal cleansers and herbal nutrition tablets, but colon cleansing is once a day, with all equipment provided. Nutrition is in the form of two liver flush drinks, two veggie broths, one carrot juice and one coconut water daily. This quick-fix health booster program is offered at 9,300 baht, excluding accommodation.

          If you’re not up for a detox holiday, but still want to enjoy healthy meal options when on Samui, do try the Radiance Restaurant at The Spa Samui Beach Resort. It’s well known for its vegetarian, vegan and raw food, and the vast menu serves weight loss, detox and raw food options as well as meat dishes for carnivores that can’t do without their meat. Menu prices are extremely reasonable, and raw food cooking classes are on offer too. The restaurant and resort has a laidback feel, with tables inside or outside overlooking the beach, and a smoothie bar creates every combination of veggie or fruit drink imaginable. Here you’ll find the perfect example of how low-fat food doesn’t have to be low on taste, and it’s a great place to recover after a night out.


 Rosanne Turner


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