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Restore your body systems at Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort.





Situated on the north coast of Samui, in Bang Por, nestled deep within shady trees, palms and ferns, hanging vines and a multitude of wooden elephants of all sizes, lies a truly tranquil getaway. Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort call themselves a ‘small, family, ‘green’ hotel’ but they’re big on good value, award-winning massages and friendly staff. They also pride themselves on offering friendly prices too.


        The resort itself has 37 garden and sea facing villas. As soon as you arrive at the reception area, besides seeing the numerous awards, trophies, plaques and commendations, you’ll hear the gentle sound of a fountain and will be greeted by a lush, tropical garden with a pretty fish pond. The resort is surrounded by towering trees and they even grow their own herbs for use in the spa. The sounds of soothing music can be heard and walking on the wooden floor makes you feel like you’ve entered an enchanted forest. And if an enchanted forest can stimulate your senses and restore your body and balance, then Natural Wing certainly can too.



        The spa has been certified by the Thai Ministry of Public Health, and is a recipient of ‘The Gold Spa Award (Thailand)’ and their Spa Manager, Khun Oh, won the ‘2010 Best Spa Therapist Award’ for Koh Samui. They’ve also been recommended by a host of local and international newspapers and magazines and are also a therapist training centre. Khun Wanwalee, the Managing Director, is also the current President of the Samui Spa Association, President of the Thai Spa Federation and Head of Advisors of Samui Spa Association.


         Competition is strong with there being so many places on the island where you can get a spa treatment, but Natural Wing can boast that they have the employee who has won the award for ‘Best Therapist - Thai Spa’ so you know you’re in good hands. They combine traditional Thai and contemporary spa practice to achieve the best results. The spa was featured in a CNN world report as ‘the most popular spa on Koh Samui island’ and browsing their brochure it’s easy to see why.


          To start with, they have an incredible selection of packages, (13 to be exact), all lasting anywhere from 2.5 hours to 4.5 hours. The ‘Visitor’s Delight’ is their best seller and includes three hours of scrubbing and massaging and ends with a soothing facial. Their recommended package is the ‘Beautiful Day’ which is 4.5 hours of bliss - a herbal steam bath, a full body scrub, a body wrap, a massage and then a facial (if you’re still awake, of course).


          Apart from these 13 packages, which are available for both individuals and couples, they have a multitude of other treatments including massages, body scrubs, body wraps, facials, hair packs and manicures and pedicures - just about anything you need to relax and pamper yourself.


          But their signature treatment is called the ‘Ten Senses Massage’. It’s a massage therapy that focuses on ten main senses (or systems) in the body by massaging with hot pressure and hot oil. If you’re pushed for time, enjoy the one hour treatment or make the most of its healing properties and go for the full two and a half hour treatment. This helps restore the body’s systems and improves the balance in the following: the visual system, recognition system, hair, muscular system, endocrine system, the joints, nervous system, circulatory system, urinary system and excretory system.


          We challenge anyone not to feel different after the treatment. First a floral foot soak, then a relaxing full body steam in your private little steam tent and then the magic begins. The therapist begins a full analysis of your body checking your movement, your joints, flexibility and muscle tension. After pointing out some troublesome areas, you lie on your stomach, covered, and she slowly works her way around your body, pressing on various muscles and applying a firm, but comfortable pressure to various points until you can feel your muscles surrendering.


          And then the hot oil comes… Considering your body is already relaxed from the steam and the initial pressure of the first part of your massage, you don’t realise that you still have some way to go until the therapist applies the hot oil and starts the second part of the treatment. Starting with your legs, each one is massaged until you feel like you don’t have the strength to even lift them anymore. Back and shoulders are next and the muscles here don’t know what’s about to hit them. The tension from each and every muscle is rubbed, pushed, smoothed and eased out. The therapist can easily identify problem areas and can pay more attention to these areas if needed.


          Flip over onto your front and next your upper legs and arms will lose the fight against tension, leaving your stomach and upper chest. Finally, some unbelievably good body stretches and you’re done.


          But while this might sound like an ‘ordinary’ massage, it isn’t. The way in which the therapist moves your body, and exactly where and how she presses into your muscles, is what makes this massage so deeply satisfying. The goal is to ‘‘make movement’ within the body and improve balance in the various body systems.


          So if you’re looking for something different, and you’re looking to feel different, try the ‘Ten Senses Massage’ treatment, you won’t be disappointed.




 Colleen Setchell



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