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A Warm Welcome


As usual, there’s a lot happening on the island in May and June. But this year sees the added excitement of having Samui Regatta’s 13th anniversary celebrated with week-long racing (and partying) from from 25th to 31st of May (see article on page 78). And whether you’re out on the yachts in the midst of the seafaring action or joining in the après racing fun in the island’s top restaurants and bars at night, it’s sure to be great fun all round.

      And in this action-packed edition of Samui Holiday Magazine you’ll also find interesting articles about all manner of Samui-related activities and events. Amongst which there’s a fascinating story about the local buffalo fighting contests (it’s OK, they don’t get hurt!).

       There’s a lot more happening on this tiny little island languishing in the hot tropical sun than anyone would possibly imagine. Hopefully you manage to find the time to read this!



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