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Fans of NiCol B by Nikky Noodles London will be pleased to hear that
she has opened another boutique at the exciting new Central Festival mall.


“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.” – Edith Head.

        This is one of Nikky’s favourite sayings, and it’s proudly displayed in a frame in her studio. It reflects the NiCol B range well, as all garments are tastefully sexy, designed to flatter the female form. Nikky possesses a real talent for determining what will suit her individual customers. She has a knack for designing garments that show off the strong points and disguise areas the wearer would rather have hidden.

        You may know the NiCol B range from the boutique in the cosmopolitan Fisherman’s Village in Bophut. But now Nikky has opened another in the ‘Beach Plaza’ wing at Central Festival Samui – a resort-style shopping mall where a birdcage theme ties the fashion boutiques together. At this smaller store, Nikky carries her signature garments, predominantly maxi dresses and jumpsuits. Here, the range is smarter, offering more occasional wear, ideal for a special event.

         The colour is what first entices you into the store when passing. Bold blocks of colour, in all sorts of combinations which somehow work together. The brand was founded by Nikky and Colin in 2001, hence the company name NiCol B. Nikky and Colin hail from London, and she’s the designer behind the brand. On asking her how she’d describe herself as a designer, Nikky’s reply is, “I am an accessories junkie; this is the source of inspiration for my creations. My pieces are full of colour and print, some harmonising, and some clashing. Silks, chiffons and leather are my guilty pleasures. My signature style is flirty and energetic, impeccably crafted and figure-flattering. Nikky Noodles designs are eye-catching investment pieces for the haute-hippie.” She’s by no means new to the world of fashion, and having graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion, Nikky worked her way through the fashion floors as a buyer, merchandiser and stylist. She’s been in Thailand for nearly 11 years now, the last three being on Samui, where she’s built up a solid customer base of locals, expats and visitors.

          Nikky personally makes each and every garment in her range, and she’s in the studio at Fisherman’s Village, dealing one-to-one with her customers too, meaning that she gets direct feedback as she fits them in the style most flattering to their figure. As she explains, “Nobody has the perfect shape, what is the perfect shape and who actually makes this decision? We need to embrace what we have, faults and all. Designing is all about the cut, this determines the correct fit and therefore the style that best suits you. Once you understand your body shape, you create the perfect shape for yourself with your style.” For this reason, she’ll often try new designs on customers that come into the boutique, putting her designs on real bodies rather than mannequins. And she begins any new design on herself as a model, and starts tweaking it from there. Nikky’s signature garments are maxi dresses and jumpsuits, and in order to create a flattering piece, she believes in starting at the bust, making that fit well, and then letting it skim over the hips to flatter the female form.

          It’s important to Nikky that her staff at the Central Festival boutique also understand that the female body comes in many forms, and that there’s something to suit all. And do she’s spent a lot of time training them for this very reason. They’re able to make suggestions on not only styles, but also alterations. But it’s Nikky who’ll personally do any alterations and adjustments down at the studio in Fisherman’s Village, which will include a fitting and a consultation with the wearer.

          Nikky knows that several big events hit the global fashion scene each year, and her new boutique is just the place to find the perfect outfit for events such as Wimbledon or the horse-racing. With Samui now attracting 1.8 million visitors a year, and Central Festival being a major draw card, Nikky’s designs are all over the world. Although many of the top brands are represented here, many shoppers are looking for unique designs that can’t be found elsewhere.

          NiCol B dresses come in a variety of forms, from mini to maxi dresses, and of course, her fun-to-wear jumpsuits. For a bigger range, visit the boutique in Fisherman’s Village. And as garments can be made to order, customers can choose from 24 designs across a range of 15 colours, that you can mix and match. Prefer the top of one dress but the bottom of another? No problem. And you can play around with colour combinations too, as Nikky has the fabrics on hand in her on-site studio. So she’ll literally wrap you in the cloth and position you in front of the mirror to see if the colour blocks work together. Although she’s open to ideas, as the designer, she knows what works best and will advise you accordingly.

          All Nikky’s fabrics are imported and she only works with natural fibres such as silk, linen and rayon, and all are tried and tested as her own wardrobe. She chooses materials that not only hang well and are flattering, but also work well in all climates (not clinging to you in the tropical heat). They also wash well and don’t need ironing, making them great little dresses for travelling. Simply roll them up to pack, and hang them up when you reach your hotel. Who has time for ironing when on holiday?

          NiCol B garments can be dressed up or down, depending on the use of accessories. Nikky carries a few ranges in her boutique, all of which she’s sourced from fashion hubs such as London and Italy. You’ll find handcrafted handbags by Hookman, as well as handmade ‘African Agate’ bracelets by Happy Annike..

          Nikky describes her dresses as having a ‘60s and ‘70s influence – they’re feminine, with a sporty feel, and can be worn day or night. But by far the most interesting range is that of Nikky’s convertible dresses – one piece that changes into something completely different just by her pattern cutting manipulation. Secret inner sleeves, folds in the fabric and clever design mean that you get two equally as beautiful garments instead of one – again, a great holiday packing item.

          And NiCol B garments are not just for the ‘young’ but the young at mind and heart too. Nikky explains that the 20-to-30 year old bracket only makes up about 20% of her customers, with 40+ being her biggest market. Most dresses come in two forms, the classic, ‘toned down’ version, as well as the more edgy option, depending on your personality and dress style. If there’s an area of your body you’d rather hide such as the upper arms, Nikky will adapt a garment to draw attention away from this area, and towards your best features.

          The two boutiques are quite different, so it’s worth popping into both. At Central Festival, a compact boutique carries a select range of the smarter signature styles, ideal for special occasions or a night on the town. The grey and slate interior of the store is the perfect backdrop to highlight the bold colours of the garments. Fisherman’s Village on the other hand, is a creative space – and here you’ll see the designer at work. This store carries a wider range of both the occasional dresses as well as more casual everyday wear.

          Nikky Noodles designs clothes to make women feel good, because she understands that not all women fit into the stereotypical mould. As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”


 Rosanne Turner


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