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Ease your mind with the comprehensive hi-tech security of B Smart Systems.


Sorry about the snappy title – but at least it’s bang up to date! In the last few years, more and more private homes have been built on Samui. These have taken the form of small landscaped estates, imposing walled townhouses and, of course, sublime stand-alone villas. And they too, are all bang up to date. But, sadly, with increased prosperity, also comes the risk of increased crime. Samui has seasons – not just with the weather, but with residence and occupancy, too. Low season doesn’t just mean fewer tourists, it means less work for the locals. This unfortunately causes the crime rate to rise. And this in turn has led to some very smart security systems being installed to combat this.


My first introduction to all of this came about by accident. A couple of years ago I bought a second-hand table through a local paper. I phoned the seller and was given directions. I ended up in a tiny side-street with some very new and expensive walled townhouses on either side. I rang the bell outside the house. No answer. Then my telephone rang. “Oh hello,” came the seller’s voice. “I see you’ve arrived. We’ve gone out into town. But I’ve put your table outside for you. Just a moment, let me open the gate.” The high metal gate rolled open. “Load the table onto your truck, then you can put the money round the back. There’s a Kleenex box on the table in the garden.” And then the seller watched me load up. He was watching everything I did on his iPhone. “Ah,” he said, “sorry, my wife must have moved the tissues. Just tuck the money under that magazine.” I gave a wave at the camera on the roof as I did so. And, as I went back to my truck, he used his phone to close the gate behind me. I was impressed.


I suppose if you’re some kind of jet-setter, living in expansive and walled luxury somewhere in Europe (or Johannesburg, maybe) this kind of thing is usual. But not here. Well, not until the last few years, anyway. Sure, we’ve always had alarms that nobody bothers to respond to (not even neighbours),

and floodlights on motion sensors (that made it easier for the robbers to see everything) – but nothing like as smooth and smart as what we have today. And what has turned it all from the medieval into the modern is the internet. Plus, of course, the programs and software that allow this kind of remote monitoring and control to happen.


And at the heart of all of this is ‘integration’. A full system, not just one or two motion sensors to turn on the lights or ring a bell. Of course, if you just want the basics, they’re still available, and at far less cost than they used to be. But I’ll always remember my German biker friend with the two million baht imported Harley (one of the first in Thailand, let alone Samui). Before he had to return home for business, he spent what was then a small fortune on alarming his house, then drove his bike into the living room and locked everything up. When he came back – no motorbike. As I’ve already mentioned, there’s no point in having an alarm if nobody does anything when they hear it!


Ease your mind with the comprehensive hi-tech security of B Smart Systems.

Today we have smart phones, smart cars, smart bombs – smart everythings. And that includes smart security systems, too. Khun Bee has been putting together security systems, here on Samui, for almost eight years now. “I don’t think you can now get much better,” he told me. “We’ve got the sort of technology that only millionaires used to have. Everything is linked through the internet, so you can monitor and control what’s happening in your house on Samui from anywhere in the world. The new software is awesome. For either iPhone or Android systems, on a tablet or a phone - although the smaller phones are not as easy to manage. And we can now set it up so that there’s a silent alarm, too, directly to your local police station.”


Khun Bee runs the very experienced set-up at ‘B Smart Systems’. It’s out on the north coast at Ban Tai, almost directly across from the signposted turn to Napasai Resort. He has several clerical staff, plus a team of engineers on call-out, along with three vans that are used around the clock for emergencies and maintenance. He can provide you with just about everything imaginable, from a video door phone, right through to the nerve system of a Star Wars battle cruiser.



And just about all of it is available to view at his premises, apart from the totally high-end stuff, which he’ll need to discuss with you in detail beforehand.


If you consider computers, together with ordinary cell-phones, then the leaps in technology in this area run parallel with computerised security. Fuzzy video cams have long since disappeared. Now everything is high-resolution – crisp enough to pick out a vehicle registration plate at night from 20 metres away. And, indeed, the better systems have twin cameras, one working on daylight and the other switching to thermal imaging at night. And the best thing is that he’ll tailor your system to exactly what you need. A one-camera surveillance system, which can be linked to an iPhone or Android phone, starts from as little as just 10,000 baht. And he has equipment from Fujiko, Kenpro and Bosch, representing varying qualities from budget to professional. Plus he is a stockist for the entire range of Italian ‘BTicino My Home’ integrated systems. This is not only the Rolls Royce of the security world, and can even turn your stereo on and off and open your windows, but also runs to colour-co-ordinated schemes to match your décor!


Khun Bee has already equipped most of the 5-star resorts on the island, the major hospitals, numerous gasoline stations and many of the convenience stores. (The filling stations and hotel reception areas have a silent ‘panic switch’ option that can be set to alert in-house security or local police.) And yet, he’s happy just to come and set up a single camera in your living room so you can keep tabs on things using your telephone, while you’re away. B Smart Systems represents security at its smartest. And, really, U need 2 B just as smart, too!


 Rob De Wet


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