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Natural Wing Health Spa & Resort offers easyto- implement ways to improve your health and well-being.


It’s hard to spot even if you’re right outside Natural Wing, so lush is the greenery, with the entire spa part of one large and beautiful garden - just being there is relaxing! Winner of prestigious awards, most notably the Green Spa Award 2013, and the Gold Thai Spa Award, it’s the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the place that guests first notice.


Natural Wing is far more than just your average spa, offering what it calls ‘Beyond Spa’. While you’ll find all the usual services of a spa - body scrubs, facials, a steam room and a variety of massage packages, there is also their signature massage, the Siam 10 Senses Massage, using a blend of their own virgin cold-pressed coconut hot oil and herbs. The massage was developed by the Managing Director of the spa, Khun Wanwalee Tantikarn, who is the current president of the Thai Spa Federation. She developed the massage which works on the ten senses of the body, according to the ancient art of Thai massage. Also taking it beyond the usual spa treatments are Natural Wing’s detoxifying and slimming programmes which are available for their in-house guests.


Programmes range from three to 30 days in length, with the most popular being the seven day detox programme. The concept behind the programmes is to improve both the body and the mind, and to leave the spa with the tools and knowledge that will enable you to continue enjoying a healthy lifestyle.


All the programmes include accommodation, and whichever detox you choose, it starts with a blood test to check the current state of your health. The results are analysed by a medical doctor and are then related to the guest by Khun Wanvanat Kongcharoen, the assistant managing director of the spa, who oversees the programme. All these consultations are one-on-one as the privacy of the guests is of utmost importance.


The programme can then be geared to the areas that need improvement. For example, high cholesterol and blood sugar levels are typical concerns at the beginning of the treatment.


Every morning starts at 7:00 am with Yoga and Qigong on the beach, under the experienced and expert instruction of qualified trainer, Khun Supaporn. Pilates classes are also available in the mornings. Afterwards, guests can enjoy a light and healthy breakfast, while sipping Rangjurd, a detoxifying Thai herbal tea.


Next comes some relaxing and rejuvenating chlorophyll sunbathing. Natural Wing was the first resort on the island to start this treatment. It’s a blend of Thai traditional spa wisdom and modern day medical knowledge. Guests are covered in hot virgin coconut oil and then banana leaves are placed on the skin while they soak up the rays of the sun. The heating of the body in this way triggers and improves the immune system.


Afternoon activities include a massage of the guest’s choice and hydro aerobics. There’s also a gym available. Of course in the afternoon there’s free time when guests may choose to sit round the pool, read, relax on beautiful Bang Por Beach or simply go back to their room. From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm you’ll find sand therapy on the beach; fine sand is blended with Thai herbs to promote the softening of the skin and improve circulation.


Evenings are spent in walking meditation led by Khun Supaporn. Some days, though not every day, guests have coffee enemas. Lectures are also held in the evenings on topics for leading a healthy life. The day ends with each guest’s blood pressure being measured and recorded.


On the last day of the programme the guests will once again have a blood test, and the results will be given in a private meeting with the programme consultant. Improvements in general physical health are seen as well as a healing of the mind as guests unwind from their everyday stress. But the improvement doesn’t end there – Natural Wing is dedicated to the wellbeing of all its guests long after they have left the resort.


During the detox programme each guest is given the tools to continue their path on a healthy lifestyle once they arrive back home. Cooking lessons are also given so that guests may continue to eat and cook healthily after the programme’s finished.


Natural Café is where everyone dines on healthy and delicious Thai and Vietnamese meals. The detox salad is particularly recommended as is the Panang Chicken with coconut rice and the Charcoal Grilled Pork with Thai Herb wrap. Naturally no MSG is used in the cooking, and many of the herbs used are grown in the resort’s own garden. These same herbs are also used in the massages and in the Thai herbal steam. When it comes to drinks, guests are spoiled with some truly delicious concoctions. Upon arrival everyone is served a welcome drink, called Herbal Bliss. It’s a combination of ginger and tamarind, with spicy notes and a wonderful sourness. The spa also offers a rather special drink that they call the Magic Potion, a blend of butterfly pea juice and lime topped with soda. It’s a delight for both the eye and the taste buds.


And Khun Wanwalee Tantikarn says it’s their hope that Natural Wing’s will be a home for all those who wish to embark on a healthy lifestyle, focussing both on the body and the mind. In its lush gardens you’ll find a sense of peacefulness, and in the detox programmes lasting benefits that will stand you in good stead once your holiday on Samui is over. By the way, if the spa sounds as if it’s set right in the heart of impenetrable jungle, this isn’t the case at all. You’ll find it on a quiet stretch of the ring-road, five minutes outside Maenam as you head to Nathon. Look for signs on the left shortly after you’ve passed The Sea Resort.


Natural Wing is as easily accessible as the programmes and treatments it offers and your body is sure to thank you for the time you have spent here.


 Natalie Hughes


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