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Understated fine dining at The Library.


If the term ‘fine dining’ conjures up images of heavy dark wooden chairs and stiff white napkins, then the minimalist approach of The Page will make you think again. Situated at well-known resort, The Library, you can easily get to the restaurant from South Chaweng Beach Road. As you’re walking or driving along you’ll notice a white statue of a person reading a book on a bench. This marks the entrance to The Library. Turn in here and walk down towards the beach, along a path of wooden boards, past neat white buildings and manicured green lawns, and then to the right of the spectacular red-tiled pool you’ll come to The Page, on an expansive beachfront restaurant overlooking the blue waters.


The Page incorporates a stylish minimalist theme into its design. There are high vaulted ceilings and open walls with screen doors which are almost always open to let the sea breeze waft through and cool you down. Or if you want to truly experience the wonderful beachfront location you can sit on their long terrace which is kept cool during the day by tall leafy green trees that offer plenty of natural shade. There’s also an indoor air-conditioned section should you prefer it.


As a member of the Design Hotels Group, The Library has to meet certain criteria, mainly to be artistic and to offer laid-back understated luxury. The minimalist design can clearly be seen in the layout and decor of the restaurant, and the artistry is underscored by the design of the tables themselves. These are simple and stylish and are modelled on Majhong tables, with drawers at each side for the cutlery. They’re a wonderful concept and perfectly match the restaurant itself, which provides a blend of International and Asian cuisine.


The Page offers its diners two menus to choose from – one Western style, the other Asian but each has touches of the other. Among the starters is a deliciously fresh Yellow Fin Tuna Tartar with capers and rocket from the international menu. The tuna is served on a bed of fresh chopped avocado and it’s a light and delicious starter for any meal that follows. If you’d prefer a Thai starter, the ‘Thod Man Kung’, which are slightly spicy prawn cakes, are highly popular.


Staying with the international menu, there’s the new addition of Roasted Baby Chicken. The menu used to feature roasted duck, but the baby chicken has a more succulent flavour and is highly recommended. The portions are generous and with two large chicken pieces you may even decide to share the dish. It comes with new potatoes, artichokes, baby carrots and a foie gras sauce. Other dishes on the menu include Roasted Aurora Rack of Lamb with goat’s cheese ravioli and comfit tomatoes. Or perhaps you’d like to try something from the Asian side of the menu? Their signature dish of Ox Cheek Massaman Curry with potatoes is truly delicious, and the meat just melts in your mouth. Or how about the Stir-fried Soft Shell Crab with yellow curry? Many diners enjoy its piquant yet delicate taste. For dessert try the Hot Chocolate Fondant with Rum Raisin Ice-cream – it’s heavenly.


All the new menus are tried not just by the manager of the resort, but also by the owner himself who checks taste along with presentation. Customer satisfaction is taken very seriously, and as a result many diners come back again and again.


The Page is more than a lunch and dinner restaurant. Staying with the theme of artistry and originality they have created ‘original experiences’, six unique meals that you can only experience at The Page. The first is what is termed ‘Breakfast Culture’ where you can lay back on a white mattress bed on the beach and enjoy a breakfast of fresh breads and pastries with some of the finest teas and coffees available, while being cooled by the early morning sea breeze. If you like cocktails then you’re sure to love the second experience, ‘101 cocktails’ at the newly renovated beach bar, offering a colourful and eclectic menu of all your favourite cocktails, some unique to the Page. All are paired with unique and flavoursome tapas and snacks.


The third experience is ‘Tea by the Sea’, where you can enjoy a lazy afternoon tea with a variety of savouries, sandwiches, pastries, scones and small cakes as well as refreshing fruit. Everything’s served on a pleasing-to-the-eye long plate.


‘Starlit Dinnerscapes’ is another of the experiences. It’s a wonderful treat with a private dinner set up on the white sandy beach under the evening skies. With your own butler and waiter service you’ll be basking in luxury.


Some of the world’s most tender cuts of beef are the focus of yet another of the experiences. Many people appreciate the high quality of Wagyu beef, and while you can get Wagyu beef elsewhere on the island, The Page is the only restaurant that offers the highest grade of Australian Wagyu beef, 9+. The grade gives its name to the experience itself: ‘Wagyu beef MBS 9+’ and it’s undoubtedly the finest quality of beef there is; it literally melts in your mouth.


If all the eating has made you hungry for a little bit of knowledge on how to make dishes when you return home, then you’d be interested in the ‘Cooking with Class’ experience. The culinary team at the Page will instruct you in the art of Thai cooking. Each class will teach you how to make an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. Then the best part comes when you can enjoy the dishes you have made.


So if you’re planning a quiet relaxed lunch by the beach, a sumptuous dinner or you’re simply looking for something a little different, then this is the page that you should definitely be on.


 Natalie Hughes


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